Top 15 Weight Loss Apps

Discover the top 15 weight loss apps! From tracking calories to providing personalized meal plans, these apps are your go-to tools for achieving your fitness goals.

Counting calories and KBZHU, constant training, and grueling diets – attempts to lose excess weight for many follow a similar scenario, and end in the same way – stress, intermittent fasting, and fanatical getting rid of sugar and “junk foods”.

But it is no longer necessary to torture your own body – there are plenty of virtual trainers online who can choose a gentle diet, several exercise routines, and recommendations for introducing healthy habits. Choosing such an assistant is not difficult – the best 15 Weight Loss Apps are already presented below!

Top 15 Weight Loss Apps

Lose weight in 30 days” – All at once (Weight Loss App)

Lose weight in 30 days is one of the best Weight Loss Apps. Experts from the Simple Design studio recommend losing excess weight comprehensively – that is, combining high-intensity interval training with running, a balanced diet menu, and a habit tracker. By combining several weight loss strategies, after 30 days the long-awaited changes will appear – the body will become toned, life will become brighter, and cakes and french fries will no longer be in your dreams at night.

The “Lose Weight in 30 Days” service will also help with motivation: special graphs with general and intermediate results will tell you which path has already been taken and what progress has been made, and then they will also remind you of your goals and immediate plans. And there it’s just a stone’s throw away from new achievements and unexpected discoveries. The main thing is not to stray from the intended path and give 100%.

Lose Weight – Plan for everyday

Lose Weight – Plan for every day is one of the best Weight Loss Apps. The Lose Weight mobile companion tries to involve all girls and women in a painless weight loss regime in several ways at once. As an option – with the help of a special diary with training (classes every day, but the training formats are different – from yoga to cardio and strength tests), a weekly changing dietary menu, and a whole collection of recommendations for both beginners and professionals.

But the key idea of ​​Lose Weight is still related not to the number of available functions, but to quality. The service is better than its competitors in selecting individual recommendations – for example, it can easily suggest how to deal with “ears” on the thighs, at what point to increase the intensity of training, and when there is not enough rest and a “cheat meal”. And you won’t need any experiments on your own body – just instructions from the developers and trainers from Leap Fitness Group are enough.

Weight Loss Coach – Sports Navigator

Weight Loss Coach is one of the best Weight Loss Apps. The developers offer weight loss with the help of Weigh Loss Coach under the dictation of a special trainer who carefully selects a diet, training tests, and recommendations depending on the parameters being added. Weight, height, average level of mobility for the week, problem areas, taste preferences – by filling out several text fields, special artificial intelligence will calculate the exact plan of action several months in advance.

The schedule in Weight Loss Coach includes information about metabolism, meals (breakfasts, lunches, and dinners – with all the details and recipes), workouts, and even upcoming purchases in stores. A few months in full agreement with the coach and excess weight is guaranteed to stop preventing you from achieving new goals!

Lose Weight Without Dieting – One step closer to your dream

Lose Weight Without Dieting is one of the best Weight Loss Apps. The fitness tracker Lose Weight Without Dieting adheres to the strategy of losing weight without strict and grueling diets: instead of the same intermittent fasting, which only adds problems with eating behavior, developers from Webimatic Apps attract a new audience with the help of healthy habits, workouts, and special recommendations.

Advice is selected on an individual basis, depending on your goals and current physical indicators. For example, Lose Weight Without Dieting offers nutrition programs for those who switch to a vegetarian menu, or, on the contrary, want to urgently lose a few kilograms and move the “plateau” effect off the ground. Recipes for athletes who are actively gaining muscle mass are also available in the tracker, and this is truly rare by the standards of the genre.

Yoga For Weight Loss – Spiritual and physical practices

Yoga For Weight Loss is one of the best Weight Loss Apps. Regular yoga classes normalize sleep, relieve stress, and at the same time promote effective and completely natural weight loss. But the lost kilograms are just the tip of the iceberg – constant training will easily correct those “roughnesses” that make it increasingly difficult to look in the mirror.

Your arms will become beautiful again, your stomach will be flat, and your legs will be slender. Achieving your goals is much easier than it seems – follow the instructions in Yoga For Weight Loss, repeat the movements of the virtual trainer, and choose the appropriate nutrition program. In less than a week, your own body will begin to inspire new feats and spiritual discoveries.

Fat Burner by Opti-Fit – Proven Method

Fat Burner by Opti-Fit is one of the best Weight Loss Apps. The fat-burning system from Opti-Fit has been replicated and is often found on forums as an uncompromising guide for those who want to lose weight without pills, constant hunger, and endless counting of calories burned. You will have to lose weight with Fat Burner with the help of a special mentor, who sets everyone up for the natural elimination of fat mass.

“Drying” will begin with changing your diet (the developers have prepared in advance a whole collection of recipes and additional recommendations), adding workouts, and finding healthy habits that can completely turn your life around. And gastronomic changes will quickly affect your attitude towards food – no more breakdowns and overeating due to impotence and lack of motivation!

Water Time – Rich life

Water Time – Rich Life is one of the best Weight Loss Apps. Although WHO (and at the same time fitness instructors ) do not oblige you to constantly drink 2-3 liters of fluid per day, it is useful to monitor the water balance in the body. In just a week of proper fluid intake, sleep will normalize (and for some, endless headaches will disappear!), you will have more energy, and at the same time, the habit of saturating your body with candy, chips, or sandwiches every 30-60 minutes will disappear.

And the fewer snacks, the higher the likelihood of not breaking your chosen diet and achieving your goals. The developers allow you to monitor your water balance in Water Time in several ways – including from the Apple Watch (or Wear OS), and also by counting any liquids, including juices, tea, and milk.

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SmartDiet – Rational approach

SmartDiet is one of the best Weight Loss Apps. Also, SmartDiet is an interactive weight loss tracker with visual graphs showing progress, freely selectable themes for the interface, and a whole collection of non-standard tools. For example, developers from Komorebi do not interfere with adding notes in the margins, protecting confidential information with passwords, or even publishing their results directly on social networks.

SmartDiet also copes with training monitoring: by adding new information to a special menu, athletes can add information about exercises (weight, approaches, time), the physical condition of the body, and even statistical indicators, such as average heart rate or distance traveled. By constantly saving new entries in your diary, you will have the chance to quickly track progress, change training programs, and set new goals. After all, losing weight is not only a goal but also a process!

Weight Loss Calculator – Total Motivation

Weight Loss Calculator is one of the best Weight Loss Apps. The weight loss diary from DespDev is largely based on the BMI indicator: having calculated the mass index (you will need height, weight, and age), the mobile companion Weight Loss Calculator will immediately begin to select thematic recommendations. For example, a section will appear in the menu for calculating the norm of calories and liquids, graphs with progress and goals will be added, and at the same time a special catalog with motivational slogans.

But the developers do not recommend constantly relying only on motivation – getting to your ideal weight without discipline and willpower is almost impossible. Therefore, it is better to immediately tune in to the real fight against excess weight. And no concessions!

“Lose weight in 28 days” from FitFit – From scratch to results

Lose weight in 28 days is one of the best Weight Loss Apps. Setting goals before losing weight is a common strategic technique: it makes it psychologically easier to control the pace of weight loss and calculate the timing of upcoming tests in advance. The developers from FitFit use this popular idea but in a non-standard format.  

Namely, in the form of a special action plan with cutoffs of 28 days. In 4 weeks, anyone who wants to lose weight will be faced with workouts, a new diet menu, additional tasks, and even a habit tracker. After 28 days there is a short break, and then again 4 weeks, but with greater intensity and an expanded set of goals. And the more difficult the challenges ahead, the more precious the achievements become!

Lose Weight in 21 Days – 3 weeks to goal

Lose Weight in 21 Days is one of the best Weight Loss Apps. The mobile companion Lose Weight in 21 Days exploits ideas from the “Lose Weight in 28 Days” service from FitFit in every possible way but adds new ones to already familiar concepts. For example, the developers from the Fitness Workout Team have prepared a BMI calculator, a habit tracker, and a system for automatically calculating the intensity of exercise depending on the physical indicators of each girl and woman.

Losing Weight in 21 Days is also customizable to specific needs: in a special section with workouts, there are workouts for developing muscle mass and for getting rid of fat on the buttocks and abdomen. And the training will be complemented by music – the companion plays thousands of tracks of different genres in the background.

“Zozhnik’s Diary” – Numbers, numbers, numbers

Zozhnik’s Diary is one of the best Weight Loss Apps. Also, “Zozhnik’s Diary” is a mobile encyclopedia that can easily shock an unprepared viewer. It’s all because of the endless series of calculations and figures, graphs and diagrams, tables and recommendations. But, if you get used to the interface, then unnecessary questions will immediately stop arising, and the idea of ​​​​starting conscious food consumption, on the contrary, will instantly appear in your head.

“Zozhnik’s Diary” in its work pursues the concept of correct eating habits, not subject to common and even charlatan myths, and based on scientific research. It’s time to manage your weight loss from a rational point of view – without grueling workouts and constant restrictions.

“Lose weight together” – Invaluable help

Lose weight together is one of the best Weight Loss Apps. The key feature of the “Lose Weight Together” mobile companion is related to the selection of individual recommendations: by filling out several text fields, instructions related to both fluid consumption and physical activity will immediately appear on the screen. A virtual trainer will select nutrition, and in unusual detail – with recipes, ingredients, and even nutritional supplements (fiber, vitamins).

After preparing recommendations, the stage of struggle for results begins: developers insist on adding intermediate information to the system every day. The more information you have, the faster the virtual trainer will recalculate statistics and select new tips, and at the same time demonstrate current achievements in numbers and records.

Women Fitness Workout – Toned body

Women Fitness Workout is one of the best Weight Loss Apps. Losing weight without constant training, according to the developers from SSA Studio, is pointless – although the extra pounds will no longer appear on the scale, the body will certainly lose shape and energy. Therefore, it is advisable to build work on a new figure around constant physical activity.

Running, yoga, strength training – it is much better to lose calories in the gym or on a path in the park than near the refrigerator, constantly changing your diet. Whether to agree with the ideas of the developers is everyone’s business. But, if the desire to dilute the routine with physical activity appeared a long time ago, then in terms of the number of tasks, recommendations, and unusual tests, Women Fitness Workout is unlikely to have competitors.

8fit – Sports Fever

8fit is one of the best Weight Loss Apps. The 8fit mobile trainer builds an individual weight loss program based on a healthy diet, constantly changing physical activity, and intermediate goals, formatted as healthy habits. You really have to develop your own body in a comprehensive manner, and even along a pre-designated path – the virtual fitness companion breaks down every action.

Monday? Workout, 4 glasses of water, several meals, and some culinary experiments. Tuesday? 10,000 steps, some more fluids, and evening stretching. Wednesday? The developers will tell everyone who is not afraid of change and knows what they want what miracles await them on Wednesday!

Best Weight Loss Apps: Verdict

Losing excess weight without changing your diet will not work – hundreds of trainers and thousands of developers recommend immediately calculating the appropriate KBZHU and scheduling time for meals by the hour. But the new menu is only half the problem: it is advisable to enlist the support of healthy habits.

What about running and cardio, staying hydrated, and yoga? The mobile companions presented above will tell you how to diversify a difficult life without “sweets” and teach you to enjoy life without overeating.

Well, where would we be without motivation? Virtual fitness instructors will show you a list of achieved results, and at the same time remind you about your upcoming beach holiday and about those photos that would be nice to diversify your social media feed, but your figure got in the way.

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