Mercury retrograde in 2024 by month

Let’s figure out what retrograde Mercury is and why astrologers advise behaving carefully during this period.

“Mercury retrograde” is a concept that has already become a sarcastically common noun. Whether the car broke down, whether you fought with your husband, whether your upstairs neighbors were flooded – people explain it as pranks on the smallest planet in the solar system. But astrologers are sure: if Mercury has entered its retrograde period, there is no time for jokes. We must behave quietly and try not to aggravate the situation in any area. Why is that? We explain together with astrologer Anna Kayupova.

What does Mercury retrograde mean?

In astrology, the retrograde movement of planets is considered a phenomenon when it seems to an observer from the ground that stellar bodies begin to slow down and seem to move backward. This is an optical illusion, they are always moving forward, and rushing very quickly. But at certain periods, some of them slow down, which creates the feeling that they are rolling back in the opposite direction. Mercury is the fastest planet in the system, orbiting the Sun every 88 days. And the “baby” enters its retrograde period when it rushes past the Earth.

Remember how you felt on the train when another train passed you? For a second, it feels like the fast-moving train is going backward until it finally overtakes the slower one. This is the same effect that occurs in our sky when Mercury passes by our planet.

And if you consider that Mercury is responsible for thought, speech, communication, study, travel, and negotiations, then it is not difficult to guess that when he is “a little out of his mind”, it is better not to undertake any excessive activity. All your endeavors will be meaningless, or even harmful.

Mercury retrograde periods in 2024

  • December 13, 2023 – January 2, 2024
  • April 1 – April 25, 2024
  • August 5 – August 28, 2024
  • November 26 – December 15, 2024

Who is affected by Mercury retrograde?

No one can hide from the influence of this strong sign, like a hurricane in Moscow. But it will have a particularly strong impact on representatives of those zodiac signs who have Mercury as an active planet in their natal chart. They shouldn’t start new events at this time, try to comprehend the past more, and, in general, “walk along the wall” more and more. During these three weeks, in general, the ability to concentrate on one thing will greatly decrease; the role of mistakes is great, the consequences of which will take a long time to clear up.

You will even notice from those around you how they will begin to develop a desire to talk about the past, to analyze some actions that they have committed previously. However, such a desire may arise in you too. And this is very good, because it will allow you to learn new lessons that you have not learned before, and you may even find a new path of development.

The period of influence of retrograde Mercury is also the time of a strong karmic boomerang when a person will reap the benefits of past actions. If he worked and persistently pursued his goal, while maintaining peace and harmony in his soul, then right now he will receive three to four times more than he could even expect. If you were lazy, philandering, or did not behave very environmentally with others, expect “retribution.”

This time is also good because it will help correct unlearned lessons. There is no point in starting new things, but old, abandoned, or postponed ones need to be completed and finished. If you make it in time, you will also receive many times more from the Universe than you expected.

And another piece of advice: read contracts carefully. If necessary, read each line three times. Know that Mercury retrograde “breaks” everything that is not perfectly aligned. Even if you miss something in terms, it will most likely fall apart if it doesn’t suit you.

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The influence of Mercury retrograde on zodiac signs in 2024

Astrologer Elizaveta Nebesnaya told me what to expect and what to hope for in different zodiac signs.


Representatives of this zodiac sign should be especially attentive to finances. Keep all your spending under close control. It might even be worth writing down all your expenses in a notebook and analyzing them. This will avoid unnecessary expenses.

Important papers are under special control. Before you pick up any document, read it from cover to cover.


Taurus’ weak point during Mercury retrograde is relationships. Now it makes sense to “clean up your contact list” and finally part with those who have not satisfied you for a long time.

You also need to be more tolerant of others, even if they are very annoying. Quarrels are likely to be deep and long. Curb your aggression!


You should be especially careful with your health. The immune system, weakened by stress, may fail. Support yourself with vitamins, strengthening teas, and other proven folk remedies. Now it makes sense to get examined by doctors.

A favorable period to put important papers in order.


Cancers also need to work on their relationships. But not with friends and colleagues, but within the family. Remember the last time you had a heart-to-heart talk with your children and parents? Despite Mercury’s retrograde, now it will be possible to clarify some aspects and even mend relationships that have gone wrong.


It is necessary to refuse to make important decisions, not to make large purchases, and not to enter into significant transactions. All of them will not bring satisfaction and will even disappoint you very shortly.

The advice to spend more time with loved ones and family is also relevant.


Mercury is the ruler of Virgos. On the one hand, they will gain some additional strength that will allow them to move forward. On the other hand, they will become somewhat more nervous, suspicious, and even more scandalous.

Despite the ease with which important things will begin, Virgos should not let everything take its course. Strict control will help avoid mistakes!


Representatives of this sign should start putting things in order. And this is not just about cleaning an apartment or house.

Sort out your things, and get rid of what you don’t use. Structure your thoughts and dreams, and make clear action plans. And at the same time check your health. Of course, during this period you cannot experiment on the body and test it with unhealthy food and extreme stress.


It is necessary to slow down your activity somewhat. Scorpios, accustomed to living to the fullest, must now prioritize and focus on the main thing. But even here there is no need to tear the veins. Let everything take its course. Try to finish what you didn’t finish. Perhaps the “stagnant” energy of these “abandoned” projects prevents you from moving forward.


For Sagittarius, this will be the time of the second attempt. You can again take on something that once didn’t work out, or restore a broken relationship.

But there are limitations! There is no need to take on matters related to documents and bureaucracy. And one more thing: remember, sometimes it is very important to make concessions. Even if you don’t want to.


You should expect changes in your communication with friends and colleagues. There will be some castling: someone will move away, and someone, on the contrary, will take the first position.

It is also necessary not to miss anything important at work. Perhaps new knowledge and skills will be needed there. Be prepared for this, as well as for the fact that your superiors will begin to show increased interest in you.

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