15 Best Yoga Apps

Download the best yoga apps for Android and iOS devices to keep your mind calm and your body healthier than ever!

Yoga is one of the oldest arts to keep your mind and body in tip-top shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. Today, millions of people use the best yoga apps to stay fit and balance their heart and soul. Yoga continues to grow in popularity and influence, with more people incorporating it into their lifestyle. People use it not only to maintain health but also to meditate and find inner peace. The whole world recognizes that yoga is a wonderful way to improve your life and achieve the best possible shape of yourself.

Top Rated Yoga Apps in 2023

On International Yoga Day, we have compiled a list of the best yoga fitness apps for our readers to start on their journey to a healthy lifestyle. See what these apps have to offer you.

1. Asana Rebel – the best application for losing weight with yoga ( Apple App Store – 4.7; Google Play Store – 4.3)

One of the best free yoga apps that includes over 100 workouts designed by experienced yoga instructors and based on your fitness goals. The app makes recommendations for activities depending on the time of day: more energetic and high-intensity workouts are recommended in the morning, and restorative yoga and meditation in the evening.

You can choose any workout by refining your search parameters. This app for aspiring yogis also contains quizzes for users to learn more about health and healthy living. Asana Rebel allows you to set reminders for workouts and meditation and also tracks the amount of water you drink per day.

This app offers meditations that can “change your life” if you decide to learn them. You can use Asana Rebel to maintain mental and physical health at a time that suits you. Plus, some great tunes can help improve your sleep cycles.

In addition to all these features, you get the opportunity to explore a variety of recipes that will help you eat healthier. Whatever your food preferences, Asana Rebel has a huge number of recipes to suit any needs and wishes.

Features of Asana Rebel:

  • Over 100 workouts designed by leading yoga instructors;
  • Quizzes to learn about health and healthy lifestyles;
  • Reminders for training and meditation;
  • Wonderful meditations for sleep;
  • The ability to track personal progress with daily yoga exercises for beginners;
  • Free yoga classes.

2. Down Dog – the best app for daily yoga practice ( Apple App Store – 4.9; Google Play Store – 4.8)

Down Dog is the top daily self-paced yoga app in 2023 on the Google Play Store with a 4.8-star rating. Unlike most other free practice yoga apps, this app doesn’t offer multiple videos that repeat over and over again. Instead, the app suggests new workouts every time you step on the mat.

Create your workout plan from the 60,000 workouts available at Down Dog. Choose from workouts like Vinyasa, Cardio Flow, Recovery, Ashtanga, Hot 26, Sun Salutation, and more to perfect your wellness strategy. Even if you are a Down Dog beginner or completely new to yoga, you can also choose your fitness level.

By choosing “Level 1 for Beginners” you can get all the help you need. The application includes practices aimed at eliminating back pain, stress, sleep problems, etc., which will help you deal with them effectively.

In addition, the app has 6 voice teachers to guide you through the exercises. Dynamic music accompanies the breathing exercises and changes depending on the breathing rate during these exercises.

Features of Down Dog:

  • Accessibility for beginners;
  • Various training modes to achieve better results;
  • Offline function of the application;
  • Automatic synchronization between devices;
  • Multiple voice commands, music themes, and languages ​​to choose from.

3. Yoga For Beginners – one of the best free yoga apps ( Apple App Store – 4.8; Google Play Store – 4.5)

As the name suggests, this is one of the best yoga apps – ideal for those who want to start practicing on their own. The application includes exercises that will help solve problems such as stress, sleep problems, various pains, and much more.

Yoga For Beginners for Android and iPhone features the best workouts designed and recommended by yoga experts from around the world. The app also includes thoughtful yoga workouts so you can access them anywhere and practice yoga anytime.

Although Yoga For Beginners is free, it is high quality, making it competitive. The exercises in the app are divided into categories: stress management, weight loss, flexibility, and recovery. This app for beginner yogis has poses and trackers to help you track your progress.

At Yoga For Beginners, you will also have access to yoga options suitable for your age group. These individually tailored exercises are designed to get you into better physical and mental shape while guiding you toward lifestyle changes.

Features of Yoga For Beginners:

  • Access yoga classes from anywhere at any time;
  • Yoga lessons designed by experts;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Lots of free online yoga classes and free yoga videos.

4. 5 Minute Yoga – the best app for 5-minute yoga ( Apple App Store – 4.7; Google Play Store – 4.6)

One of the best yoga apps, 5 Minute Yoga, offers a variety of asanas and workouts to help improve physical and mental health and activate the chakras. This meditation app will help you create a daily workout plan and follow it.

All workouts are accompanied by detailed instructions and images. These classes are designed to be completed within 5 minutes and allow you to achieve maximum results in minimal time. 5 Minute Yoga improves your skill level as you practice.

The levels in the 5 Minute Yoga app indicate your level of proficiency in exercises and select training recommendations accordingly. Additionally, if you are a beginner, you can learn tips for each type of yoga you plan to practice.

Yoga practices in the app will be useful for you if you want to relieve mental stress caused by work or improve sleep. You can also use the app to develop a healthy habit and start doing yoga regularly.

Features of 5 Minute Yoga:

  • Learn and practice several 5-minute workouts.
  • Plan daily workouts and track their completion.
  • Use the timer feature to track the duration of your activities.
  • The app offers simple but effective classes.

5. Pocket Yoga is one of the best apps for doing yoga anytime ( Apple App Store – 4.8; Google Play Store – 4.3)

Do yoga at a time convenient for you! With this amazing practice yoga app, you can schedule your classes anywhere, anytime. In this app, you can choose from 27 different workouts with varying durations and difficulty levels.

Pocket Yoga provides step-by-step workouts, as well as a timer that allows you to measure the duration of each yoga step.

In order not to miss a single day of yoga classes, the application provides a widget for the home screen. This widget will remind you to do yoga every time you open your smartphone.

Additionally, the app has 500+ beautiful drawings demonstrating exact yoga poses.

Features of Pocket Yoga:

  • Includes 27 different activities;
  • Offers over 500 illustrated poses;
  • Provides the ability to play music from your library.

6. Alo Moves – the best yoga app for beginners ( Apple App Store – 4.9 )

Alo Moves is the ultimate fitness app for women and men, offering not only yoga classes, but also HIIT, Pilates, strength training, and barre classes for everyone from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. The best app for beginner yogis has over 2,500 video lessons from world-class instructors.

High-intensity interval Training (HIIT, or in Russian HIIT) is a high-intensity interval training consisting of an intense series of exercises and active rest between them.

This will make your at-home workout that much more inspiring if you follow along with videos filmed in breathtaking locations like Morocco, Positano, and Malibu.

The app also adds new classes to its catalog every week that you can explore to improve your yoga skills. The app also includes meditations and workout reminders.

To get started with Alo Moves, you can explore the several styles the app offers. These styles of yoga come with detailed instructions designed to help you better understand the exercises.

Features of Alo Moves:

  • Library of more than 2,500 activities;
  • Find recommendations for activities based on your goals and interests;
  • Easy access to saved activities directly from the main page;
  • Purchase yoga and fitness products directly from the application;
  • Ability to save classes to watch later or add to a playlist;
  • Possibility of autonomous training.

7. Glo – the best application for daily yoga ( Apple App Store – 4.9; Google Play Store – 4.6 )

Easily the best free online yoga app, Glo offers over 6,000 workouts in 12 different styles. The application is available for both Android and iOS platforms. It is considered one of the best apps for practical yoga thanks to the experts who selected all its contents.

Over 500 meditation classes promote the development of mind and body. This application opens up new opportunities to improve your health without leaving home.

Additionally, the Glo app provides access to videos that you can stream or simply download and save to your device. The app also has a timer to help ensure that your meditation sessions last the right amount of time.

Glo Features:

  • Recommendations for activities according to your needs;
  • Convenient search bar that allows you to find exactly the workouts that suit you;
  • The best yoga instructors;
  • The ability to create your collection of favorite workouts.

8. Gaia is your best yoga trainer ( Apple App Store – 4.8; Google Play Store – 4.7 )

With 4.7 stars on the Google Play Store and 4.8 on the Apple App Store, Gaia is undoubtedly the best yoga practice app on both platforms. It is also considered the best app for beginners due to its clear instructions and explanatory video tutorials.

Discover new aspects of your personality with videos on mindfulness, yoga, spirituality, chakras, and more. Additionally, Gaia can be accessed on multiple devices, including PCs, smartwatches, and smart TVs.

Gaia also contains other interesting materials, such as videos about ancient origins. You can learn about the practices you choose to understand how exercise affects your body.

The app contains materials prepared by experienced yoga teachers from around the world. This content is designed to ensure that yoga and meditation exercises are performed correctly for the best results.

Notable features of Gaia:

  • Self-discovery and healing with the best instructors.
  • Flow classes and opening the chakras through meditation.
  • Inspirational videos about yoga, meditation, and more.
  • Opening your mind to explore different topics.

9. Daily Yoga – the best app for yoga and Pilates ( Apple App Store – 4.8; Google Play Store – 4.3 )

Looking for the best yoga and pilates app? Daily Yoga may be your answer. This is one of the most popular yoga apps, offering users 6 programs and 13 classes for free. For beginners, it offers various guidelines and helps build a solid foundation before moving on to more advanced asanas and exercises.

The app has won numerous awards, including “Best Yoga App 2016-2019 “ by Healthline, and for good reason. For example, the Daily Yoga app offers 500+ asanas, 70+ yoga programs, 500+ yoga sessions, Pilates, and guided meditation, as well as a huge collection of libraries of yoga poses with detailed explanations of each of them.

Daily Yoga can also help you with hands-on yoga that targets specific parts of the body. For example, for the abdomen, whole body, arms, chest, legs, etc. The app allows you to complete daily tasks to improve your mental and physical well-being. Daily Yoga also features a progress bar to remind and motivate you to practice yoga every day.

Features of Daily Yoga:

  • Lessons from the masters;
  • Motivating community;
  • Custom yoga plans to suit your needs;
  • Activity and progress tracker.

10. Yoga Studio – a popular application for yoga ( Apple App Store – 3.2; Google Play Store – 3.4 )

One of the most popular yoga apps, Yoga Studio is a favorite for many yoga enthusiasts who use it to practice and track their progress. With this app, you can turn any place into a workout spot.

This is one of the best fitness apps for yoga practice, which allows you to completely control the learning process. You can pay for, create, customize, and schedule HD VIDEO yoga classes explained by expert instructors via narration.

The app offers a 2-week free trial, after which you can purchase one of its many pricing plans. In the Yoga Studio app, you can learn more than 280 yoga poses – from beginner to advanced levels. The app also has a calendar that helps you keep track of your exercises and motivates you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, the yoga practices and meditations presented in the application are selected and recommended by experts in the field of yoga. These exercises are updated regularly to help more and more users join the wellness community.

Yoga Studio Features:

  • 70+ HD yoga videos for training;
  • Lessons lasting 5–60 minutes for students of different skill levels;
  • The ability to create your class for convenience;
  • The ability to record your successes and track progress;
  • A wide selection of tools for creating an atmosphere for classes: background, music, etc.

11. Grokker – one of the best yoga apps in 2023 ( Apple App Store – 4.9; Google Play Store – 4.7 )

Grokker is the best yoga app for 2023, offering easy meditations and yoga hacks for beginners, as well as a range of multi-level workouts. Grokker offers 90+ programs focused on achieving your fitness goals, plus personalized recommendations to help you get healthier.

In addition to visual guides to yoga poses, the app includes Quick Start programs for weight loss, four 30-minute Vinyasa Flow classes per week, a 21-day program to combat stress with diaphragmatic breathing and meditation, and 6 a video program that combines gentle yoga, breathing, and meditation to reduce stress.

Grokker also allows you to connect friends to the app to chat with, and most workouts are 15 minutes long.

Grokker can be easily synchronized with various platforms including PCs, smartphones, and laptops.

Grokker Features:

  • 70 programs focused on achieving fitness goals;
  • New programs added monthly;
  • A step-by-step program to help you get rid of sugar cravings;
  • Track your training progress.

12. Peloton – free yoga app ( Apple App Store – 4.9; Google Play Store – 4.2 )

Peloton is another popular yoga fitness app that you can download right now from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This app for aspiring yogis offers live and on-demand classes led by 30+ world-class instructors who support you along the way.

Peloton lets you track your progress and reach your goals with monthly yoga challenges to help you stay motivated to continue your yoga journey. You can also follow your friends’ progress and encourage each other.

The app aims to make you healthier mentally and physically by offering exercises that don’t require any equipment. Besides yoga, you can explore meditation, HIIT, stretching, cycling, running, and other sports practices.

Peloton also supports devices such as Smart TVs and Apple Watches. This way, you can continue your yoga practice on any device. For added motivation, Peloton also offers a wide selection of music to accompany your workouts.

Peloton Features:

  • Get motivated by a team of instructors.
  • Achieve your fitness goals with monthly challenges.
  • Follow your friends’ successes and motivate each other.
  • Try training programs ranging from 4 to 18 weeks.
  • Train on the go or outside the home.

13. Yours App – another yoga app for beginners ( Apple App Store – 3.7; Google Play Store – 3.4 )

Yours App is a tool designed by experts to help users achieve a calmer state of mind. The app includes breathing exercises, yoga tutorial videos, meditation courses, and more to help users feel better.

In this app for beginner yogis, you can also listen to relaxing music, sleep stories, and ambient sounds for inner peace. Yours is an innovative experience designed to lift your spirits.

The app is run by experts who pay special attention to selecting exercises that are relaxing and energizing. The app’s user interface is also very easy to use. Thanks to its intuitive design, you can quickly find the exercises and workouts you need.

Features of Your App:

  • 7-day free trial of premium services;
  • Hours of yoga videos;
  • Meditation courses for everyone;
  • Breathing exercises to stimulate mental processes.

14. Yoga-Go – the best application for meditation ( Apple App Store – 4.5; Google Play Store – 4.7 )

The Yoga-Go app has several exercises for your back, abs, legs, and buttocks. In addition, in this application, you can choose individual exercises and make your body healthier and fitter.

It doesn’t matter whether you are 20 or 80 years old, you can use this free daily yoga app to change your life at any stage and get yourself in order. If you want to lose weight, Yoga Go can help you do it. If you’re working out to improve your endurance, Yoga-Go offers those options among more than 500 yoga practices.

The duration of exercises in the application ranges from 7 to 30 minutes. You can also customize your workout schedule and work out the way that suits you. The settings concern the difficulty level and duration of yoga classes.

Yoga-Go Features:

  • Thoughtful app design that will appeal to any age group;
  • More than 500 yoga poses;
  • Application developed by experts;
  • Yoga poses for specific body parts;
  • Personalized yoga plans to achieve your goals.

15. Track Yoga – a free application that will help you make yoga your habit ( Apple App Store – 4.7; Google Play Store – 4.6 )

As the name suggests, Track Yoga is designed to help you build a healthier relationship with yoga and develop a workout habit. This is one of the best apps for practicing yoga and developing flexibility. It includes yoga poses in catalog format, as well as brief recommendations that will help you learn about the benefits and correct execution of certain yoga poses.

In Track Yoga you can find workouts and exercises with step-by-step instructions. In addition, the appendix provides a list of yoga exercises and their duration.

Track Yoga contains detailed descriptions of all workouts so you can understand the impact of the exercises you choose.

Track Yoga Features:

  • Step-by-step instructions for exercises;
  • Preview classes with videos;
  • Best yoga practices recommended by experts;
  • Detailed information about each yoga pose;
  • Yoga classes in HD quality that are very easy to follow.

How does yoga increase your life expectancy?

Yoga can help you live a longer life in several ways: you can improve blood flow , increase bone density, cleanse your immune system, and even improve heart health.

Regular yoga practice can help you create a new, healthier lifestyle and develop healthy habits that will improve your health, both mentally and physically.

What types of yoga apps are there?

There are several types of free yoga apps for different purposes. Here is a list of practical yoga apps that you can download to your devices:

  • Yoga for Overall Growth: As mentioned earlier, yoga apps can be used mainly for three reasons: weight loss, weight gain, and mindfulness or self-discovery. These apps can help you in all three aspects. An example of this type of application is Glo.
  • Yoga for “casual” practitioners or amateurs: There are people who practice yoga as a sporting accompaniment to their main lifestyle and activity. For such people, the applications that we described above are ideal, because they offer not only professional training but also training and exercises for amateurs.
  • Yoga for Beginners: Some of the best yoga apps for beginners are Asana Rebel, Daily Yoga, Pocket Yoga, etc. These apps will allow you to learn all the beginner poses to strengthen your body and health and build a good foundation.
  • Yoga for Spirituality: Several practical yoga apps are primarily aimed at helping you with spiritually equipping your life and self-discovery. One of the most popular applications in this area is Gaia.

How to choose the perfect yoga app for you?

The best way to find the right yoga app is to prioritize your choices based on your preferences. There are several filters to help you choose the right application. For example:

  • Preferences – When choosing a yoga app, you should consider that the workouts it offers should include the exercises you are looking for. You can look at app descriptions or websites to see what types of yoga are covered by each app before choosing the one that suits your needs.
  • Calculating Costs – Another filter should be the budget you can afford. Several apps offer free use. However, some yoga apps also provide paid subscription classes. You can choose based on your cost preferences.
  • Quality – With too many options to choose from, you need to find a class app that offers practices curated by industry experts. You can meet the team that contributed to the app to learn more about these experts and their expertise.
  • Ratings – The opinions of users say a lot about the quality of services or features offered by any application. When choosing apps, it’s important to check out these ratings and reviews, which can tell you more about the app’s usability and performance.
  • Personalization – You can effectively practice yoga by customizing your practice to suit your lifestyle and preferences. The app you choose should give you the freedom to schedule your workouts the way you like and feel comfortable. Additionally, some yoga apps also provide multiple difficulty levels, making them useful for different stages of skill development.

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What is the use of a yoga app?

The yoga practice apps we mentioned above can help you in mainly two ways.

Benefits of the yoga app:

  • The user can easily access the best practical yoga applications on his smartphone or other devices.
  • The user can configure the promotion level.
  • The user can customize the application according to their requirements.
  • The user can start his progress from any place.

Physical benefits of using a yoga app:

  • This increases user flexibility.
  • It helps in toning and strengthening the muscles.
  • This helps to reduce weight.
  • Helps improve breathing, energy, and overall vitality of the body.
  • Helps improve blood circulation and cardiovascular health.
  • Helps reduce body injuries due to muscle stiffness.
  • Helps create a balanced metabolism.

Is a yoga app right for me?

Applications that focus on teaching and practicing yoga and meditation are suitable for any person who wants to engage in such activities of their own free will. There are many free yoga apps (up to trial) that we have mentioned above. However, if you want to succeed in your practice using “free yoga apps”, you need to make sure that:

  • You are dedicated to the practice of yoga;
  • You level up step by step;
  • You schedule times for your practice to ensure consistency;
  • You keep the end goal in mind;
  • You try different apps and choose the best one for yourself.

Are there yoga apps that are suitable for beginners?

Many free yoga apps are suitable for beginners. These apps help you improve your level of practice in practical yoga poses. There are several levels of difficulty of poses, starting with poses for beginners and ending with poses for “advanced”.

Which Free Yoga Apps Can Help You Lose Weight?

Many free weight loss apps use practical yoga as a tool. These are applications: Asana Rebel, Yoga Studio, Daily Studio, etc., which can be used for a limited period (trial period), without paying or purchasing anything. A user can use these apps to practice yoga for weight loss for about a week or two. However, the duration of the free trial may also increase depending on the installed application.

How can the app help you lose weight?

Most people choose yoga over regular gyms primarily for three reasons: weight lossincreased flexibility, and mindfulness, but not increased muscle mass. These apps help you achieve your goal by systematically introducing you to easier poses and then increasing the difficulty level. Using these weight loss apps, the user can even increase the number of poses on their own. Additionally, if you are disciplined and consistent in your practice, then it is highly likely that you will see visible results very soon.

What yoga exercises are best for older adults?

Yoga for seniors covers a wide range of exercises designed to help them improve their overall physical and mental health. Exercises like Mountain Pose, Tree Pose, Sphinx Pose, Savasana, and others are considered to be some of the best yoga exercises for seniors.

Which yoga apps should seniors choose?

Apps like Asana RebelDown Dog, and others are ideal for seniors due to their wide range of exercises. Moreover, these apps have a simple user interface as well as several categories of features to break down yoga exercises into steps and levels.

Can I customize my session in a yoga app?

Yes, some apps allow you to customize your session. These sessions may include several poses or workouts. Several free practice yoga apps allow you to make changes such as:

  • Increasing or decreasing the duration of practice;
  • Change in area of ​​practice focus;
  • Changing the tradition of yoga practices such as Hathavinyasaashtanga, yin, etc.;
  • Increase or decrease the difficulty level;
  • Set reminders.

Can I use the yoga app offline?

Whether you can use a yoga app offline depends on the specific features of the app. There are only a few apps that allow you to download content and use it anywhere.

Can yoga classes using special apps replace face-to-face classes with a trainer?

This is a highly controversial issue. We believe that both in-person and online experiences are invaluable. The choice between them primarily depends on the preferences and requirements of the practitioner. However, some practitioners do not have time due to their work schedule, or are constantly traveling, or for some other reason, which forces them to choose the online format of classes. On the other hand, some hate online training. For them, face-to-face classes with a trainer are indispensable.

What are the costs of practical yoga apps?

Most of the good practice yoga apps available in the market are priced accordingly. However, many of them also provide a trial version so that you can familiarize yourself with the application and try it out. This way, if you don’t like the app, you have the option of not purchasing a subscription.


Yoga has been around for hundreds of years and has been refined over generations to suit today’s needs. She has followers all over the world who live a life inspired by yoga. These yoga apps are some of the best available for download on iOS and Android platforms. The list above has something interesting and useful for everyone.

Try these yoga apps for yourself to see which one is best for you. We are confident that the services offered by these apps will bring the changes you expect in your life.

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