20+ Trendy Restaurants In Madrid

Yes, it is the eternal search. The trendy restaurants in Madrid can change every week. The level of openings, concepts, cuisines, young talents, or powerful entrepreneurs who are committed to the hospitality industry is such that it is impossible to control it one hundred percent. Always, we repeat, you will always have a full list of pending addresses. And what a joy, hey, because Madrid doesn’t stop nor do we want it to. For several years now, the city has been a gastronomic hotbed at an international level, where as soon as a star-studded chef launches a project or you discover a small place that you have barely been told about but that leaves you with your mouth open because the quality of the that comes out of their stoves is excellent. In Madrid, the offer for lunch or dinner is endless, yes, especially when the good weather now arrives and the possibilities expand even more with the incessant search for the best restaurants with terraces in Madrid. We must take advantage of the good temperatures and that sky that the capital gives us, its light and its great atmosphere.

To help you in the task of knowing which restaurant to choose, we have selected some of the most popular places in recent months. They may have one culinary style or another (there are very varied ones), and they may focus more on the aesthetic than on the gastronomic or vice versa. Some boast wonderful rooms and terraces, others have few diners. Some pursue a taste experience, others want us to have a great time surrounded by the coolest atmosphere in the city. In any case, these are the ones that are over the top, the ones that you want to show to whoever comes to visit you, the ones that you are looking for to surprise your partner or to get together for the weekend with friends. We can’t book for you (and believe us, it’s going to cost you) but we can let you know that these are what they are and give you enough alternatives for you to try. This is not a ranking, you will enjoy any of these sites, so look no further. If you want to be “in”, these are the “must”.


Pablo is the most ambitious project of Grupo Carbón and Grupo Larrumba. Very beautiful in its New York style with French touches, halfway between romanticism and the 70s, all the dishes catch the eye because most of them arouse nostalgia, such as a melting croque monsieur, a seafood cocktail-type salad, a fantastic ratatouille of wood-fired vegetables, some macaroni with spicy chorizo ​​from León to repeat and good fish and meat, from the traditional Wiener Schnitzel schnitzel to a more than decent sole meuniére. Carlos Moreno’s cocktail bar is the sparkling extra that will invite you to enjoy the band of up to seven musicians, acrobatics, and illusions that spice up the early morning.

Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 1. Average price: menu of the day from 25 euros.

Circolo Popolare

Big Mamma Group is at its best. Bel Mondo and Villa Capri, which we will tell you about later, are joined by this Italian ‘hit’, which is already a success in London, on the ground floor of the Picasso Tower, which is as cool as the previous ones. The immense space is still cozy with the thousand details that we are accustomed to, from multicolored tableware to Murano glass everywhere, blended with ethnic touches in a set of kitsch tones that works incredibly well. The great atmosphere and the good vibes of the staff fill everything and make you want to stay until closing. The menu also works, as in all of the company. Their version of parmigiana di melanzane, fried like croquettes, is excellent as are pastas and pizzas such as pappardelle with lobster or a brutal Neapolitan-style four cheese in terms of dough. The cocktails are a plus, especially their spectacular alternatives to share that will fill your Instagram.

Castellana, 89. Average price: 40 euros.

Maison Macao

Who would have thought that in the heart of Madrid, on Preciados Street, one could travel back in time? ‘Hidden’ behind a pretty tavern at street level is Maison Macao, the latest (and spectacular) opening of the Macao Group. Some stairs take you in a minute from a tavern with a traditional feel to a restaurant with a beautiful aesthetic that could well be that of a luxury hotel in any Eastern country. An immense space (900 square meters, 250 diners) but at the same time, and this is its merit, intimate and welcoming. That’s when it comes to sight. As for smell and taste, the gastronomic proposal is in charge of a well-known person in the capital, chef Andrés Madrigal, who has created a menu where he fuses everything he knows best: native cuisine, Asian influences, and touches from Latin America. A selection of dishes, ideal for sharing, with some essentials such as grilled foie nigiris, truffled broken eggs, or the wagyu burger. The service is very attentive and fast, which is greatly appreciated. Oh, and don’t forget to order one of their cocktails or their famous summer tinto with passion fruit foam. You will want to repeat it.

Preciados, 33. Average price: €30


There are restaurants designed simply for enjoyment, created by and to enjoy food, understood in the most primitive sense of the word, without creative fuss, technical flourishes, or Instagram pretensions. This is Rural, the restaurant that Rafa Zafra has just opened at number 8 Marqués de Cubas Street and which has already become a temple of good eating in the capital. “Product cuisine” is so hackneyed that it has almost lost value, but that is exactly what they do at Rural, choosing the best meats (beef, beef, pork, lamb, poultry…) and making them the ones that they shine on the table without hardly any human intervention being noticeable (even if there is a lot of it and it is very level). It is the triumph of simplicity put at the service of the purest hedonism. The meats are the queens of the place, but also be careful with their pâtés and foies and with everything that comes from the earth: vegetables, legumes, and vegetables. You will fail with nothing. Nor with the tribute they pay in Rural to three legendary dishes of our gastronomy, such as the porcini carpaccio from El Bulli, the lamb skewer (without words) from Alhucemas, or the suckling pig from the Sandovals. The drink also deserves a separate mention: vintages chosen by Juanma Galán, with more than 350 references where Spanish labels shine, some of them old vintages from authentic cult wineries. To summarize in one sentence: in Rural eating (and drinking) is above everything. Chapeau.

Marques de Cubas, 8. Average price: 90 euros.


We already told you at length why this restaurant was going to become fashionable in Madrid and succeed and we were not wrong. Ingredients? A beautiful interior design by Jorge Campos emulates Argentine rooms with a contemporary touch and delicious lighting. A powerful group behind it has already tasted success with restaurants like La Única. A room direction in the hands of Emilio Souto, who has gone through another capital hit such as Charrúa. A modern and cool grill behind which there is an Argentine name, that of the multi-award-winning José Antonio Figueroa. Meats, of course, and other appetizing recipes from the country (not only carnivores live there) are part of Jorge Juan’s new essential.

Jorge Juan, 27. Average price: 70 euros.

Toga and Toguita

Do you see these noodles with red tuna? They are one of the dishes that have elevated Toga, one of the most popular recipes of recent times in Madrid. So much so that they have opened a branch very close, Toguita. The first, in Lavapiés, has been conquering for more than five years with its gastro versions of Asian and Latin American influences. Gonzalo Rincón and Matías del Águila (former Juana la Loca) have recently launched a second location in La Latina to accommodate fans who could no longer fit in the seven tables of the first. In one or the other, now you have a double opportunity to try it, if you haven’t been, or to repeat. They deserve it.

Juanelo 23 and Cava Alta, 3. Average price: 40 euros.

Mr. Pepe

Behind this traditional name lies one of the restaurants where we have eaten the best in recent months. Señor Pepe is the personal project of chef José Carlos Fuentes (who already won a Michelin star in Tierra –inside the Valdepalacios hotel, in Toledo– and passed through El Club Allard), where product cuisine, done calmly, with good resources and a lot of love is the leitmotif. The menu can take you on several paths, both to share at the table (croquettes, salad, steak tartare, assortment of cheeses) and to give you a unique tribute in the form of meats and fish, in addition to different spoon dishes in which Fuentes grazes perfection, like chickpeas with cheeks or beans with tendons and crayfish.

Castelló, 1. Average price: 60 euros.


Without a doubt, one of the most fashionable restaurants in Madrid. The reasons are varied and very clear: first, its location, in the impressive Saldaña Palace; second, its interior, an ode to aesthetic eclecticism, with impressive spaces full of art and elegance like no other place in the capital; and third, of course, its cuisine, in charge of which is chef Aurelio Morales, who has created an international menu where the raw materials are of the highest quality, innovation and daring are signs of identity and the final result is one of those that leave you with your mouth open. And a bonus track: in the bar on the ground floor they prepare some impressive cocktails, especially those based on tequila and mezcal. What more could you want?

Ortega y Gasset, 32. Average price: 60 euros.


Kulto, the renowned restaurant on Ibiza Street, a stone’s throw from Retiro Park, presents its new, recently renovated, and much more spacious bar where you can enjoy, with a more informal and relaxed touch, Atlantic cuisine from the Cádiz coast based on Spanish recipes and fresh touches. This new bar is the star of this Kulto season. A chameleonic, informal, and fun space where you can whet your appetite with Madrid dishes with identity (such as the classic tripe or Pepito) and off-the-menu menus of Mediterranean inspiration and counterpoints; and that also allows us to create a much more direct relationship between the kitchen team and the diner.

Calle Ibiza, 4. Average price: 45 euros.


Since 2017, this Madrid restaurant has been the talk (pun intended) of the capital’s crowd, because nowhere else can you eat better for less money. What began as an informal and hooligan cuisine by Roberto Martínez has been transformed into a more evolved, imaginative and aspirational menu, although without losing a bit of the usual spirit of Tripea. The only offer is their tasting menu (8 courses, €50), which has now been renewed and is amazing. Must visit.

Vallehermoso Market (Vallehermoso, 36). Average price: 40 euros.

Can Chan Chan

Chef Roberto Ruiz’s penultimate foray into Madrid’s gastronomic territory, with a format (within El Corte Inglés de Serrano) where he already established a position, although in another building, with Salón Cascabel. Can Chan Chán, which means ‘companion’, is a return to a more elaborate, more daring cuisine, with nods to Madrid (there is a taco with chopitos and another with razor clams and zarajos) and nothing conventional. Here you will find, for example, a version of guacamole with crystal shrimp and, instead of tortilla chips, shrimp tortillas. Cool, right? The liquid part features a very fun cocktail, with classic names to which the inevitable Mexican twist is added, such as the Bloody María that adds the chipotle chili smoke liqueur (created by Roberto).

Serrano 47 (third floor of El Corte Inglés). Average price: 40 euros.


Allegra is the latest from the Isabella’s Group, which has excellent restaurants in Barcelona, and another great Italian restaurant in Madrid, Casa Isabella, which we tell you about below. This new and outstanding concept occupies a bright corner on Velázquez Street that anticipates the charm and good taste of the interior. To the intense light of the day that filters through its windows or the intimate atmosphere of the nights, with live piano in the background, is added an exquisite and romantic decoration and a delicious transalpine menu that you will want to try again, without a doubt. Their sirloin vitello tonnato or their spinach, butter, and parmesan ravioli are a dream.

Velázquez, 11. Average price: 50 euros.

Lelong Asian Club

Lelong Asian Club is the latest from the China Crown Group in the capital. And it is, probably, his most spectacular company. It is because of its monumental architecture in the Cortes area, for its cosmopolitan Asian cuisine, and for its lively social aspect with great cocktails and lively afternoons. Elegant like few others, his letter travels across the continent and does not stay only in China. Dim sum, sushi, their version of lacquered duck, tandoori lamb chops with XO sauce or caramelized Iberian slices prove it. A colorful and different place to surprise and be seen.

Cra. de San Jerónimo, 9. Average price: 45 euros.

La Fonda Lironda

We are not going to discover one of the most sought-after trendy restaurants in Madrid right now, but it is a good time to remind you that this space from the Carbón Negro group deserves not one but several visits. Because there is always something to discover in this restaurant that fuses versatile gastronomic proposals whose common thread is charcoal and firewood with fun after-dinner meals with live music or a DJ. Try not to miss some of their essentials such as a perfect creamy salmorejo, a tomato with oil that takes away the sense, dry octopus and artichoke rice, or Roman-style hake in two cookings with roasted pepper juice. Has your mouth watered? Soothe it with one of the cocktails that Carlos Moreno prepares.

Génova, 27. Average price: €50.


The Neapolitan Ciro Cristiano has undertaken this adventure of his own in the limits of the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid. It does not disappoint, even on Mondays, it is very lively, because of the people who crowd it, for the live music, for its colorful interior design and tableware, for its sparkling cocktails… Its menu is also a ‘hit’, with its famous pizzas that are already among the best in Europe and recommendable pastas such as plin Gran Torino (three-meat ravioli with the delicious touch of lemon zest). Other cosmopolitan dishes that are versions of the classics attract attention, such as ‘parmigiana di melanzane’ style croquettes or Tropea, an exquisite onion tarte tatin. To the room and the wines, great Manuel Sorana.

Ortega y Gasset, 100. Average price: 35 euros.


The best steakhouse in Madrid right now? One of the best restaurants in the capital, as well as being super trendy? Probably yes. Joaquín and Martín Narváez are the two Argentine brothers who are the creators of a sophisticated and personal grill that avoids the Latin American style to focus more on the Spanish taste that tends towards more extreme maturations. Being supplied by suppliers like LyO is already a guarantee of quality, but it also adds to the ad hoc design of the irons and their trained technique so that the point of the excellent cuts is, simply, perfect. International breeds, from their homeland and ours, are combined with other snacks in which the great product they handle shines. Namely: Lodosa artichoke confit on the grill, tear pea also with that delicious touch of smoke, and a cutlet tartar or a gizzard with caviar that is on its way to becoming an icon of Ponzano Street. As if that were not enough, you do not know the atmosphere that is generated and how elegant it is, in its simplicity. Crockery, glassware, lighting… Everything is taken care of but leaving the focus on what you eat and what you drink! The winery is an Argentine encyclopedia that reviews the great milestones of the country and many others that will be a discovery for you as they were for us.

Ponzano, 59. Average price: 92 euros.


MamaQuilla is the name of the Inca goddess of the moon and protector of women, but for a few months, it has also been one of the most recommended restaurants in Madrid. Joaquín Serrano and Jorge Velasco as chefs, Luis Diez as sommelier, and Juan Olmos in the cocktails intend to take us to the other side of the Atlantic. In their favor they have a great space divided into three: The patio, more bar and casual, The ranch, both a high-end restaurant and a cocktail paradise with space for dancing, a huge bar and shows, and a “first floor” that still They have not been inaugurated but will, at the same time, serve as a room for more private events and as an art gallery. MamaQuilla is a blend and refinement of what we love so much about Latin American cuisine, with special attention to Peru. We have been fascinated by dishes worthy of haute cuisine such as their false Gilda, others as gourmet as the lemon fish tiradito that you see in the image, or a classic like the chaufa rice with chicken, which is the best we have tried by far.

José Abascal, 61. Average price: 50 euros.

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Genoa Financial Club

The La Ancha family, headed by Nino Redruello and Azotea Grupo, have rang the bell of the season with the opening to restaurants and the public of the Club Financiero Génova. The iconic building and its rooftop, until now reserved only for members, are thus opened to Madrid, always with prior reservation, with a gastronomic proposal at the level of the dishes of this century-old surname that is still in fashion thanks to Ancha itself. , Fismuler, or the most recent The Omar. For his part, Manuel Berganza in the events department and Luca Anastasio’s drinks complete an irresistible offer. The aesthetic of a luxurious 19th-century private club with a contemporary feel has been the key to Alejandra Pombo’s interior design. Two dining rooms, two bars, and a panoramic terrace star it.

Calle del Marqués de la Ensenada, 14. Average price: 60 euros.


The umpteenth restaurant with a show arrives from Mexico and brings the essence, although in a slightly lighter version, of those owned by the Rosa Negra Group there. Chambao Fashion Grill House (the name already says it all) is sweeping the other side of the Atlantic and is also sweeping here, next to the Plaza de Colón. Their gastronomic concept draws, according to themselves, from “the most exclusive cuts of meat and seafood in the world” that are served with all the sparkle and excitement that the clientele demands and with a very high average ticket, although the truth is that it is eaten Phenomenal. Manuel Clavel’s interior design is more than up to par with what is expected in this type of restaurant and live happenings, guitarists and fashion shows happen from morning to night. It’s a blast with a good dose of margaritas.

Castellana, 4. Average price: 80 euros.

The Cabrera

Gaston Riveira’s successful Argentine grill has landed in Madrid with locations throughout Latin America, the Philippines, and the most recent ones in Malaga and Barcelona. Here, he follows the same philosophy of betting on freshness and not excessive maturation in around ten cuts of meat with Aberdeen Angus as the protagonist. The eye of steak (high loin) with its eyebrow, of extreme juiciness, is unbeatable, just like the entrails. Something that characterizes La Cabrera is its lupitas, surprise accompaniments that the restaurant offers with the main ones. The same thing happens in appetizers and even in desserts, and another unmistakable sign is the lollipops that appear with the bill if you have still left the room after the homemade flan or the immovable pancake with dulce de leche.

Velázquez, 61. Average price: 60 euros.

Emblematic Bar H

We are going to tell you three things although for everything, in reality, we have to repeat in the new Bar H Emblemático of the Hevia restaurant family. We dare to say that it is the best Russian salad in Madrid, the best-fried squid (tempura) that we have eaten in a long time, and one of the tastiest croquettes, with roasted eggplant, smoked cheese, and cane honey. Bar and room, covered terrace, service 10, ideal acoustics, and packed, at least at midday, do the rest. More bars like this, please!

Castelló, 83. Average price: 35 euros.


This is one of the best surprises that we have had in 2023, and the sushi chef Fabiola Lairet has brought her way of understanding Japanese cuisine from Barcelona to Madrid to the delight of fans of Japanese gastronomy in the capital. She is one of the 800 people around the world who can boast of having the Sushi Proficiency Certificate awarded by the All Japan Sushi Association. Sounds good right? Well, she knows better, and not just sushi. From her kitchen comes one of the best ceviches (sea bass) that we have eaten in the city. And be careful with the Crispy Duck (it’s incredible) and the bull tuna belly with yakiniku sauce, which we are still savoring. In addition, there are cocktails and a dozen sakes to choose from. And the space, signed by Bru+Co Studio, has an industrial vibe that is very cool. Super recommended.

Puigcerdá, 4 (Jorge Juan alley). Average price: 50 euros.

The only one

That the relationship between Spain and Mexico at a gastronomic level has been thriving for a long time is not a secret. Both countries share a festive, tasty, and original idea of ​​good eating and for that reason, projects as cool as this one, from the Mexican restaurant group La Única, keep appearing, which under the “Mexiterranean” concept adapts traditional Mexican cuisine to the European palate. with a proposal for Mexican and Spanish grilled products. Essential (but really, if you don’t order them you’re wasting your time) are their tacos or their sea bass cooked to size. But La Única is also cool because after dinner you can enjoy good music with a DJ and end the day with a cocktail or spirit. All very “Mexiterranean”.

Claudio Coello, 10. Average price: 50 euros.


Are we facing the new Mexican temple of Madrid? Ticuí is the most festive and contemporary version of Puntarenas (another of the best Mexican restaurants in Madrid ) and is, in fact, pure celebration, design, and dishes as round as the spectacular tortillas made on site that accompany them all. Favorites? We recommend the campachi with ponzu, macha, and apple, the pork belly carnitas tacos, crab tacos, or the birria de lengua. The setting, signed by the JsA architecture firm, leaves no one indifferent in its style between artisan and traditional and rabidly contemporary. Oaxacan Daniel Quezada’s cocktails are also a hit.

Cedaceros, 6. Average price: 50 euros.


The Robuchon Group has arrived in Spain in a big way, in what was the space of the legendary Embassy, ​​and brings together its three concepts L’Atelier, L’Ambassade, and Le Speakeasy spread over 950 square meters in France in vein. Jorge González (previously at the Ritz) commands the three spaces on several floors, upstairs with a bar and room for a complete tasting menu and downstairs for a more informal snack that adds a beautiful terrace on Paseo de la Castellana. The company’s great specialties are not lacking so, of course, you will give a good account of its universal mashed potatoes.

Paseo de la Castellana, 12,100 euros.


A surprising and ideal bistro in the Chueca neighborhood commanded, cooked, and inspired entirely by Georgia. Surely you have rarely (or not at all) had the opportunity to try dishes as tasty as “khinkali”, a cooked dough filled with different combinations such as minced meat and broth, which is taken by hand in a delicious ritual, or their “badrijani nigvzit”, the traditional eggplant stuffed with walnut paste and spices in a light almond sauce. The charming Nino Kiltava leads a project that will conquer you, for sure. She will leave you wanting to have her hearty “khachapuri” again. You already tell us…

Freedom, 13.35 euros.


The consultancy Ansón & Bonet, also behind Nunuka or others as famous as Fayer, has taken charge, together with the property, of devising this other concept, in this case vegetarian, which cannot break more clichés or be more beautiful. Has it all. ‘Plant-based’ trend, healthy and cared for; magnetic interior despite its cute size; great cocktails (no wonder) signed by the greats of Angelita; the neighborhood and the trendy atmosphere; and an attractive concept that articulates everything in perfect concert: nomadic cuisine, like its owners, free, with influences from all places touched in some way by gypsy culture and its aesthetics. Favorites? The causa cevichada of mushrooms on sweet potato, the saam of almond pâté with tamarind and peanut sauce or the grilled florets with sunflower and miso cream and spicy seeds.

Plaza de las Salesas, 8.35 euros.

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