The 30 most romantic restaurants in Madrid

That special table. That half-lit corner. That new opening of the trendy restaurant with which to surprise. That iconic place that you want to rediscover because it has been renovated because you haven’t been there in a thousand years or because it brings back good memories that you want to share with your partner. Love is the gastronomic feeling par excellence. It is conquered between two, it is celebrated between two, it is whispered between two, it is savored between two and, after certain moments, it gives a voracious hunger.

So what’s better than loving each other in a restaurant? Here is a list of romantic and delicious hits to facilitate your eternal search, the answer to the questions “Where should I book this upcoming Valentine’s Day” or “What is the most romantic restaurant in Madrid to take my partner to this weekend.” Whether it’s for tonight, any hand-in-hand night, or a more special occasion, like getting her ring, for example, any of these is a ten.

We have something for every taste and budget, there are up to thirty ideas so you can safely find your big night. They may have one culinary style or another (there are very varied ones: casual, Michelin star restaurants, Talian restaurants, Peruvian restaurants, Asian…), they may focus more on the aesthetic than on the gastronomic or vice versa. Some boast wonderful and charming rooms and terraces (also for winter), and others boast a few diners in idyllic corners. Some pursue a taste experience, while others want you to have a great time surrounded by a “cool” atmosphere, without neglecting the importance of what you will eat. In any case, these are the ones they are, with whom you want to surprise and score the point of being romantic that they never admit to you.

Be careful, this is not a ranking from 1 to 30. In any of the restaurants you choose, Cupid is going to go crazy shooting the arrows of love. And you know the best? That he is going to get it right. You can tell us how the night ends but we guarantee that it will be a resounding success because, by booking here, there is no other possibility.

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The newest from the Isabella’s Group, which has excellent restaurants in Barcelona and another wonderful Italian restaurant in Madrid, Casa Isabella, is called Allegra and occupies a bright corner on Velázquez Street that anticipates the charm and good taste of the interior. To the intense light of the day that filters through its windows or the intimacy of the nights, with live piano in the background, is added an exquisite and romantic decoration and a delicious transalpine menu that will not leave you indifferent. Their sirloin vitello tonnato or their spinach, butter, and parmesan ravioli are a dream.

Average price: 50 euros.

The 33 and Charrúa

Charrúa, the beautiful Uruguayan restaurant with its epicenter in the embers that conquers half of Madrid (also highly recommended in Chueca), and El Viajero, the icon of La Latina in that corner with views of San Francisco el Grande, come together via their owners in Los 33 and there is practically no space available. The Uruguayan-Spanish mix works in a spectacular place with differentiated areas: the very lively bar and bar area, where you can snack without reservation and with a great atmosphere, and the more formal restaurant at the back where the grill stands out even more if possible. Wooden beams, very high ceilings, vinyl shelves, and careful lighting complemented by the fire make it, without a doubt, a “place to be” where the food is also phenomenal. Creole croquettes, empanadas, Salesas tortillas, bikinis, or goats and meats are the stars.

Average price: 40 euros.


Pescaderías Coruñesas took charge of the emblematic Lhardy, renovating it, which it needed, renovating those wonderful interiors that should never be lost, and also its menu, which in recent times was barely recognized for the famous st. Now, entering Lhardy continues to be a historic journey through time with classic recipes recovered and some new additions always in line with the great product that characterizes Coruñesas. Pickled partridge, lobster salpicón, sirloin Wellington, Evaristo sole in champagne, or a legendary soufflé are just five of dozens of reasons to come back and return because these places should never disappear.

Average price: 80 euros.


A vegetarian concept that could not break more clichés or be more beautiful. Has it all. ‘Plant-based’ trend, healthy and cared for; magnetic interior despite its cute size; great cocktails (no wonder) signed by the greats of Angelita; the neighborhood and the trendy atmosphere; and an attractive concept that articulates everything in perfect concert: nomadic cuisines, like its owners, free, with influences from all places touched in some way by gypsy culture and its aesthetics. Favorites? The causa cevichada of mushrooms on sweet potato, the saam of almond pâté with tamarind and peanut sauce, or the grilled florets with sunflower and miso cream and spicy seeds.

Average price: 35 euros.


It is one of the new fashionable Italian restaurants in Madrid and has tennis player Rafa Nadal and partners such as Pau Gasol and Cristiano Ronaldo behind it. Cinematic and romantic atmosphere and elegant traditional cuisine define it and you can imagine the atmosphere with such names behind it. Classic dishes are the star surrounded by candlelight and a tenth musical atmosphere. Classic pastas (‘cacio pepe’, carbonara…) or Neapolitan pizzas are always a winner. This month of February has a setting and recipes that are inspired by the Venice carnival, fun is guaranteed.

Average price: 65 euros.


A restaurant that was born with the philosophy of gastronomic craftsmanship and that has all the ingredients to taste: cuisine that is based on our raw materials, respects the cooking techniques and times and surprises in the preparations, ‘craft’ cocktails (homemade and original sangrias, own macerates, artisan distillates to tone you…) and a decoration that seeks primary materials and follows the organic forms of nature and that is warm and ideally illuminated to share confidences. The carabineros croquettes, the leeks with shrimp tartar, the Iberian jowl säam, or their ribs with Korean barbecue are some of their usual recipes with a “twist”. Everything to share, so that you don’t separate for even a moment.

40 euros.


The first Basque-Asian grill in Madrid is the latest gastronomic project of Grupo Sr. Ito, which fuses the authentic iron and fire cuisine of the Basque Country and the explosion of oriental flavors and techniques with some Latin touches. In the old and charming premises of the Hortensio restaurant, Sergio Monterde, and Raúl Romero work on dishes such as the cow’s tail and idiazábal cheese dimsum or the Chinese-style bacon sandwich with fermented chili emulsion and pickles. Asiakō is a very successful and elegant mix between the tradition of skewers from the north and the most famous specialties from the other side of the world.

50 euros.


A surprising and ideal bistro in the Chueca neighborhood commanded, cooked, and inspired entirely by Georgia. Surely you have rarely (or not at all) had the opportunity to try dishes as tasty as “khinkali”, a cooked dough filled with different combinations such as minced meat and broth, which is taken by hand in a delicious ritual, or their “badrijani nigvzit”, the traditional eggplant stuffed with walnut paste and spices in a light almond sauce. The charming Nino Kiltava leads a project that will conquer you, for sure. She will leave you wanting to have her hearty “khachapuri” again. You already tell us…

Average price: 35 euros.

Villa Capri

It is the latest offspring of the Big Mamma Group (Bel Mondo, another good reserve to take into account in terms of love) in Madrid and it already rocks it. Vacations and parties in Italy are what come to mind when you cross its doors, halfway between its flowered terrace and its mythological room, baroque, romantic, and very lively. With seasonal raw materials brought from there, from small producers, the menu innovates from classic Italian recipes to crazier preparations. Paolo Ruggiero’s San Marzano tomatoes, Salvatore Corso’s “mozzarella di buffala”, homemade pastas, and spongy, crispy pizzas, from the usual to the most daring, with fresh truffle, conquer. Top desserts.

30 euros.

Le Bistroman Atelier

On this cute romantic bistro-style terrace you can taste some recipes from what we consider the best French restaurant in Madrid. As soon as you cross its doors you will be transported to Provence from the hidden Amnistía Street, in the Ópera neighborhood. All that Gallic “savoir faire” is perceived in champagnes and a wine list to remember and specialties such as the traditional “pissaladière” of Nice (a type of anchovy pizzeria), snails with herb butter, onion soup or a bouillabaisse that deserves a “Marseillaise”. The “boeuf bourguignon” ravioli or the exquisite bite of the queen will make you wonder. Check out their custom-made dishes before you go.

60 euros.

Orellana House

This very cute tavern with the seal of the El Escondite Group recovers Lady Madonna’s premises and also opens another location in Chamartín to pay homage to traditional taverns and eateries with an appearance that takes up that aesthetic of yesteryear and makes it “cool” “and current. The homemade pickled tuna salad and the oxtail croquettes are a true spectacle. Stews and spoon shine in the tripe or in the tuna with spicy tomato and fried egg with lace. The interior is fantastic but the exterior, with those perfectly dressed tables on Orellana Street, is ideal.

35 euros.


Coque’s two Michelin stars, maintained and polished after its move from Humanes to the center of Madrid, to an impressive space designed by Jean Porsche, continue to demonstrate the level of the Sandoval brothers season after season. Impeccable is the word that defined it and continues to define it because it continues with that family cuisine with which these brothers have been conquering for years but which does not stop evolving thanks to their commendable work of research and development. Its emotional menus navigate the recipes from its memory brought to the present and paired with countless sensations in a magical tour of its almost 1,100 square meters. The walk passes through a spectacular winery with 2,800 references and has two stops after which to give your taste buds a break: its seasonal vegetable garden and its monumental lacquered suckling pig.

230 euros.

Dani Brasserie

Dani García went up to the roof with the most beautiful views of the city, that of the brand new Four Seasons hotel, and there he put his name to a menu that reviews some of his most iconic creations such as his famous nitro tomato. Revisited classics such as the tortilla with onion and blue buffalo cheese or the Andalusian-style squid with almonds, fried basil and chili share the spotlight with other Malaga idols such as the Barbate tuna sirloin with onions or the Rossini burger with aged simmental loin, foie gras and parmesan. The terrace is great and you can also have cocktails or nibble on a shorter snack menu.

60 euros.


There is no one who is capable of not being enthralled by the renovated Ritz. Added to the imposing design is an unparalleled culinary proposal directed by Quique Dacosta that will rain stars. In Deessa, the gastronomic restaurant, although there are four other concepts in Mandarin Oriental Ritz and, among them, also a beautiful and very romantic terrace, two tasting menus are presented. The first is the Quique Dacosta Classics Menu, a display of his most emblematic dishes, from the foie Cuba libre to smoked eel rice and cherries, impeccable from the national avant-garde, which can be discovered if you have not yet visited the Denia restaurant or remember once again. The QDRitz Contemporary Menu, however, offers great novelties inspired by the capital that will leave you speechless.

180 euros.

La Fonda Lironda

The best offspring of the Carbón Negro Group, in Genoa, and the most beautiful. In this case, it is inspired by an inn that looks like a luxurious hotel from yesteryear where you can see and be seen tasting stews and slow-cooked dishes. Starting with a tribute to Juanjo López’s salad at La Tasquita de Enfrente is basic. For the rest, a lot of grill-in alternatives such as leeks with old cheese cream or octopus and artichokes. The fried eggs with carabinero and boletus or the spicy chicken are worth repeating. and for its croissant torrija, too. Ah! And for its hidden terrace!

45 euros.

Ramon Freixa Madrid

Product, excellence, tradition, and avant-garde are the four pillars of one of the most infallible restaurants in Madrid and also one of the most elegant. Inside the Único Hotel, chef Ramón Freixa gives free rein to his art, in a word, to “make happy” his diners. It is his goal and he achieves it without fuss, giving absolute prominence to the raw material from last season through his masterful hand without disguising himself, with preparations that draw, many, from his Catalan origins. His study of tomatoes has been reinventing itself for more than a decade to offer very different visions of this, one of his favorite ingredients.

115 euros.


Davide Bonato continues to conquer Madrid with his updated Italian cuisine. This “jewel” in the heart of Chueca does not stop presenting new dishes that confirm it as one of the best Italians, so opt for its tasting menu if you want to love it. On the menu, their ravioli stuffed with burrata and lime with red prawn tartar or their “spaghetto” with squid ink, Sicilian tomatoes, peas, katsuobushi, and rye bread cream join the classic noodles with black truffle or risotto with saffron and gold foil that the Michelin guide itself highlights. Leave room for the tiramisu or its sweet trompe l’oeil with Villa Massa amaretto.

50 euros.

The Bienaparecida

We are talking about one of our favorite restaurants in Madrid. So, without a doubt. And it has an ideal intimate terrace in Jorge Juan although be sure to visit the interior, signed by Tarruella-Trenchs with curious nods to the patron saint of Cantabria after whom it is named. This region, the origin of the Cañadío Group, owner, is fundamental in the menu. The salad is an icon, as is the rice with free-range chicken or the rabas. They offer a tasting menu (66 euros) with more formal alternatives. The purrusalda with fresh pasta sheets and a light touch of garlic, the Ajo Blanco with smoked bonito and cauliflower zest, or the roasted eggplant with pesto of aniseed herbs and coffee are among our “tops”. Don’t forget a good fish, like flame-fried sole.

55 euros.

The Tavernetta

Sicilian and Sardinian recipes abound in this loving establishment where it is always repeated because you always crave it. Angelo Loi uses a lot of marine products as in the “gnocchi sardi”, accompanied by artichokes and prawn, or the fresh “spaghetti” with red prawn and coral sauce. Traditional lasagna bolognese is a spectacle.

35 euros.


Dani García’s Leña in Madrid is a reflection of the one in Marbella, an unprecedented steakhouse halfway between tradition and the most modern “steakhouse”, a cosmopolitan opening if there ever was one. A very sophisticated interior design, in stone and wood in the dim and warm light of the fire, attracts attention as soon as you enter. On the menu, a multitude of options, from a vegetable section, always grilled, in which the Málaga avocado with salpicón with feta cheese and cilantro pesto is unbeatable (good product is a hallmark); to the chef’s iconic dishes such as the whole green apple, which is nothing more than ‘foie gras mi-cuit’; going through many novelties such as a brutal smoked beef pretzel with pickles and other fun skewers; and of course a wide range of cuts of meat of all kinds. Escalope and rose cake, are unbeatable.

50 euros.

Manero Claudio Coello

Surely your partner is dying to find a table at the award-winning bar, the most sophisticated in Alicante, and which conquers the capital in Claudio Coello 3 preceded by the resounding success of its Levantine predecessor and El Portal and El Singular, also in that city. The businessman Carlos Bosch, the architect of them all, leads the project, and Lázaro Rosa-Violán the decorator of this secluded neo-classical tavern, with a luxurious appearance and affordable prices, where movie tapas are enjoyed around its bars, high tables and, more thinking about dates, an elegant and fun “speakeasy” in the background. A good croquette, a real salad, a well-known squid sandwich, seafood or gourmet products, and own-brand wines define its offer. Watch out for their champagnes.

30 euros.


From Beirut with love this cool Lebanese lands with the country’s specialties as its flag: hummus, tabbouleh, falafel, mankouche, kibbeh… there is not one missing. Dalia Nahas and Rabih Haddad have made sure that the traditional cuisine of their homes is now savored in the Justicia neighborhood. Continent and international content go in parallel in the most Instagrammable restaurants on this list, so you can’t stop taking souvenir photos

35 euros.


Italian? Yes. The typical one? Nothing is further from reality. So forget clichés and traditions and prepare to be fascinated by the daring recipes of Gianni Pinto, who puts on the tables products from both sides of the Mediterranean, technique, and creativity on recognizable bases and at the service of absolute enjoyment. Start with the fried pizzetta with coppa or the caponata with flame-fried eggplant emulsion and continue with some spectacular pastas such as the tagliatelle with tuna morrillo ragù. Impressive deco and wine list.

40 euros.

Numa Pompilius

A very elegant and romantic “hotspot” that is still fashionable in the capital, an Italian that is based on recipes from the country of the boot with good products from here and there and that avoids, without going crazy, the typical dishes that one would expect (no pizza, for example). Its decoration is a true gem, as are homemade pastas such as pheasant lasagna or mushroom tagliolini in a pecorino wheel. There is more. His sole with Capri lemon or his beef tenderloin with marsala and black truffle demonstrate the level of this, the most sophisticated restaurant of Grupo Paraguas.

60 euros.

Wool ball

The most personal, solo bet by chef Javier Muñoz-Calero is framed in the beautiful and romantic surroundings of an old leather goods workshop decorated with a successful interior landscaping project, Elizabethan mirrors, and nineteenth-century elements. It is also his most elegant and ambitious company, for the first time with a cuisine that is truly his, to his taste, classically based but with much of his vintage. It has a menu and a couple of tasting menus with a pairing option from Javier Arroyo (ex DiverXO. Dishes that we like? Their vegetable stew, their saffron hake, and all their snack proposals, such as the extra fine and crispy fried ear or the marriage of anchovy and anchovy.

50 euros.

The Patio of Atocha

The CoolRooms Palacio de Atocha hotel, one of the most romantic and special hotels in Madrid, dresses up its secret garden and its delicious restaurant, now enjoyed in an exterior glass space. Captained by Eduardo Gutiérrez, it is a dream like the menu they offer.

40 euros.


Creative, with a touch of exoticism, despite the elegant and certainly classic room. In Pólvora everything is like that, pure mixture. International dishes arrive in Spain with some of our own in a not very extensive, original, and fun menu that ranges from a Cuban sandwich to some noodles with crab, to a piquillo waffle and grilled octopus. It is very lively with music and post-dinner drinking if you enjoy the plan.

40 euros.


A luxury restaurant, like Jockey, whose headquarters it is located in. That is Saddle without neglecting, of course, freshness and modernity with a bright contemporary design by Studio Gronda and exquisite service and work in the kitchen by a young team with a brilliant career in some of the most recognized Michelins in Spain; all with classicism as a base but winking at the present. Its cocktail bar with an outstanding collection of spirits and very elegant cocktails welcomes you. In the imposing room and booths, seasonal suggestions aside, a sole with a very special meunière or a beef shank in tribute to Santi Santamaría, which is the star recipe. Many of the dishes are finished in front of the diner, most are offered in half portions and culminate with some desserts that deserve mention, such as the very fine apple tarte tatin.

90 euros.


The legendary “rooftop” of ABC Serrano came back to life with the most eclectic, exotic, and cosmopolitan restaurant of Grupo La Fábrica (creators of Raimunda or El 5 de Tirso) and is without a doubt the “place to be” since its opening. From the impressive historical setting of this century-old building, Torcuato aims to break the mold and, like Madrid, demonstrate that tradition is not at odds with modernity. From the “raw bar”, the first section of the menu, come makis such as eel, foie, and mango or niguiris such as bluefin tuna with gochujang or flambéed salmon with yuzu mayo. Hot and cold starters continue, such as cherry salmorejo with Idiazábal ice cream and crispy yucca. Fish and meat follow this line and are presented in recipes such as roasted sea bass loin marinated in annatto with bean cream or spiced lamb burger with brioche bread and tzatziki. For dessert, let yourself be surprised by the Torcuato cake.

35 euros.


The legendary Madrid restaurant, a pioneer in Spain in winning three Michelin stars, reopened to face a new era. The team from its last stage remains in both the kitchen and the dining room, now under the gastronomic direction of chef Iñigo Urrechu. If you go, you will find that the soul of the restaurant remains practically intact and even, going one step further, connects with its most authentic origins, those of its first stage. A selection of its most emblematic dishes remain or return on the menu, such as the legendary Bucaro “Don Pío” (consommé gelée, smoked salmon, quail egg, and caviar) or the steak tartare with its soufflé potatoes. Novelties such as the poached egg with a vanilla-confit potato roll, the carabinero gazpacho, or the sirloin center Wellington will make you want to return.

90 euros.

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