Which One Piece Episodes Can I Skip (And Which Ones I Might Not)

We’ve listed the eps so you know which ones are worth watching and which ones might be worth watching.

Episodes you can skip (trust me!)

  • 54-60
  • 98-99
  • 136-138
  • 139-143
  • 196-206
  • 220-224
  • 225-226
  • 303
  • 317-319
  • 326-336
  • 382-384
  • 426-429
  • 457-458
  • 575-578
  • 626-628
  • 747-750
  • 780-782
  • 881
  • 895-896

Episodes that might be worth watching (but it’s up to you)

  • 101-102
  • 131-135
  • 1029-1030

Explanation of episodes

Episodes 54-60

Millennial Dragon Arc / Filler arc
Episode 54: Foreboding of a new adventure! Apis, the mysterious girl ❌
Episode 55: The miraculous creature! The secret of Apis and the legendary island ❌
Episode 56: Erik’s attack! Gunkan Island’s Great Escape! ❌
Episode 57: The lonely island in a distant sea! The legendary Lost Island ❌
Episode 58: The Duel in the Ruins! The tense Zoro vs. Eric! ❌
Episode 59: Luffy surrounded! Commodore Nelson’s secret plan ❌
Episode 60: He Who Flies the Skies! The ancient legend is reborn!❌

The Straw Hats come across a girl named Apis, who is running away from the Navy. While escaping, the group ends up in the Calm Belt, formed by two regions that have no wind, which makes navigation impossible. There, Apis and Luffy make a plan to escape the giant sea kings.

After several other adventures with dangerous consequences, the crew discovers the real reason Apis is running away. She is trying to save a dragon and take it to her homeland. Still willing to help the young woman, the Straw Hats continue taking countless risks in search of the Lost Island. Furthermore, they need to stop enemies that approach and try to take over the dragon.

The anime’s first filler arc consists of eight episodes, whose story takes place after the events of the East Blue Saga and before the arrival of Luffy’s crew at the Grand Line.

Episodes 98-99

Filler episodes
Episode 98: The desert pirates appear! ❌
Episode 99: The Spirit of the False! ❌

Episode 98 has Nami and Vivi traveling through the desert, after finding an easier way to make this trip and leave all the men behind. Ace tries to catch up with them but ends up getting lost. Vivi ends up meeting someone she knew in her past, while Luffy and the crew come across desert pirates.

In the next chapter, Vivi discovers that fake Rebel Army bodyguards are keeping the peace in a small village. Still suspicious, she asks the Straw Hats to test the guards and try to host the crew there. whether they are worthy of hosting. The initial plan would be in case any sign of threat appeared, but they end up staying longer, in a kind of Straw Hat retreat.

Episodes 136-138

Ilha dos Carneiros Arc / Filler arc
Episode 136: Zenny lives on Ilha dos Carneiros and there’s a pirate boat on his mountain ❌
Episode 137: Doesn’t that seem like incredible greed? Zenny’s Ambition! ❌
Episode 138: The Whereabouts of the Island Treasure! Full steam ahead, Zenny Pirates! ❌

After escaping from pursuit by some Navy ships, the Straw Hats end up on an island, which they soon discover is inhabited only by an old man named Zenny and his goats. At first, the elderly man sends his goats to attack the newcomers, but he is more overcome by the emotion of the conflict.

Luffy’s crew starts to help him, with Chopper taking care of his health, and the others sharing Zenny’s household chores. Upon discovering the old man’s dream of becoming a pirate, they even help him build his unfinished boat. In a new Navy attack, Zenny fights alongside his new friends.

Episodes 139-143

Rainbow Mist Arc / Filler arc
Episode 139: The Legend of the Rainbow Mist! Old Henzon of Ruluka Island ❌
Episode 140: Inhabitants of “Never Land”! The Pumpkin Pirates! ❌
Episode 141: Feelings for the Homeland! The inescapable Pirate Cemetery! ❌
Episode 142: Inevitable Battle! Whetton’s Ambition and the Rainbow Tower ❌
Episode 143: So the legend begins! To the end of the Rainbow! ❌

On a new island, the Straw Hats meet a scientist named Henzo, who is searching for the legendary Rainbow Mist. Luffy, Robin, and Usopp end up teaming up with Henzo and find the fog, using the Straw Hats’ ship to enter. In the middle of a kind of ship graveyard, they discover a group of child pirates called the Pumpkin Pirates.

It is revealed that Henzo was part of the group when he was a child, which is why he dedicated his research to finding a way to rescue them from the fog, where time seems to pass differently. The Straw Hats try to gain the children’s trust and find a way to escape the fog, but they still have to face yet another advance from the Navy.

Episodes 220-224

Ocean Dream Arc / Filler Arc
Episode 220: Have You Lost Your Memory? Was it Removed? Who are you? ❌
Episode 221: The Mysterious Boy with the Flute and Robin’s Deduction ❌
Episode 222: Let’s Get Our Memories Back! Pirates Land on the Island! ❌
Episode 223: Zoro’s Fangs! A Fight with a Wild Animal! ❌
Episode 224: The True Memory Thief’s Final Counterattack! ❌

Some of the Straw Hats have their memories erased by a mysterious figure who appears at night. Only Robin and others who weren’t sleeping retained their memories, and now they must try to keep the crew together. However, Nami and Zoro go their separate ways. Soon, Usopp, Chopper, and Sanji leave as well.

Robin and Luffy try to fight the person responsible for stealing the pirates’ memories, but the opponent already has Zoro under his control. The thief still manages to provoke illusions in all the city’s inhabitants and erase their memories. But the time has come for the final battle between him and Luffy.

Episodes 225-226

Foxy’s Return Arc / Filler Arc
Episode 225: The Man of Incredible Pride! Foxy the Silver Fox! ❌
Episode 226: Awesome power is near! A very dangerous man ❌

Foxy, Porche, and Hamburg were in danger of dying in a storm at sea but ended up being saved in time by Luffy. The group manages to reach the Sexy Foxy ship, but the vessel is under someone else’s command. Luffy and Foxy team up to recover the pirate’s ship and crew.

With victory, Foxy recovers his crew but betrays Luffy and captures the Straw Hats. Nami and Luffy fight Foxy.

Episode 303

Chief Luffy’s Historical Special / Filler episode
Is the Criminal Luffy Oyabun? The Search for the Great Lost Sakura! ❌

We’re back in the alternate reality of Grand Jepang. With just one day left until the annual spring festival, one of the children becomes ill and cannot attend. As tradition is for the entire city to gather for a picnic under the ancient Sakura tree, Luffy tries to find a way to show the tree to the child in some way.

The next day, the tree mysteriously disappears. Knowing Luffy’s intentions, the city becomes suspicious of him, but Robin begins to investigate what could be behind his disappearance. When they discover the real culprit, Luffy, Usopp, and Sanji set out to recover her.

Episodes 317-319

Filler episodes
Episode 317: The girl who searches for Yagara! ❌
Episode 318: A mother has to be strong! ❌
Episode 319: Sanji’s shock! ❌

Episode 317 has the crew trying to help a girl named Abi find her Yagara bull Bluefin. In the next chapter, Zoro meets two young people he met a while ago and who saw him as an older brother. The boys take Zoro to his adoptive mother, but the family will cause a lot of confusion for the pirate.

Episode 319 follows Sanji as he meets an old friend of his mentor, from whom he ends up learning new cooking secrets.

Episodes 326-336

Ice Hunter Arc / Filler Arc
Episode 326: A Strange Bunch of Pirates! Sunny and a Dangerous Tactic! ❌
Episode 327: Sunny in Emergency! Turn on the Secret Speed ​​Mechanism ❌
Episode 328: The Dream of the New World Sinks! The Disappointed Pirate, Puzzle ❌
Episode 329: Attack of the Assassin! The Great Battle Under the Ice Begins ❌
Episode 330: The Straw Hat Gang’s Grand Plan! The pirate soul moves the flag! ❌
Episode 331: Full steam ahead! Magnetic power of the twins! ❌
Episode 332: The Mansion of Chaos! Nervous Don and the Imprisoned Gang! ❌
Episode 333: The Phoenix Rises! A Sworn Friend’s Dream under the Pirate Flag! ❌
Episode 334: The Hot Decisive Battle! Luffy vs. Fiery Don! ❌
Episode 335: Waiting in the New World! Farewell to the Brave Pirates! ❌
Episode 336: Chopperman’s Departure! Protect the TV Station on the Coast! ❌

After leaving Water 7, the Straw Hats take advantage of all the new resources and equipment that their new ship has. At one point, they find a ship adrift with sick and starving fishermen. They bring them on board and help them, but it is all a scam. Although the crew tries to fight them off, the Straw Hats are tricked by illusions that look like Navy ships.

The crew ends up being taken to the glacial field, a region under the rule of the Accino family. The Accino traps the Straw Hats between moving icebergs, intending to earn the high bounties the Marines pay for Luffy’s crew members.

The leader of the Phoenix Pirates, who boarded the Straw Hats’ boat, wants to be King of the Pirates. Luffy’s crew ends up separated, having to deal with different members of the family and the opposing pirate group. Now they need to find a way to reunite and fight their enemies, win their freedom, and recover their flags and their boat.

Episodes 382-384

Spa Island Arc / Filler Arc
Episode 382: The Noro Noro Menace. The Return of Foxy, the Silver Fox ❌
Episode 383: The Great Treasure Hunt! Collapse! Spa Island! ❌
Episode 384: Brook’s Hard Effort. The Difficult Path to Becoming a True Companion?✔

On vacation, the Straw Hats go to Spa Island, a luxurious ship that welcomes pirates and criminals. There they end up discovering that Foxy and his crew and the owner of the Spa Island are following two girls named Lina and Sayo. The girl’s father researched how to produce a special piece of jewelry.

The opponents even kidnap one of the girls, demanding that Luffy’s crew complete the research and create the jewel. Now the group needs to find a way to rescue the sisters and prevent the enemies from getting the jewel. Episode 384 shows Brook insecure, not wanting to become a burden for the Straw Hats, as he tries to fit in with the group.

Episodes 426-429

Little East Blue Arc / Filler arc
Episode 426: The golden lion’s ambitions begin to move ❌
Episode 427: Little East Blue is the target ❌
Episode 428: The powerful attack of the pirates Amigo!❌
Episode 429: Luffy vs Largo. It’s battle time! ❌

The Straw Hats arrive in a village that closely resembles East Blue, even featuring replicas of buildings. There, the group will need to help the community protect a mysterious beetle known as Boss, which has been protecting the city for a few years. At the behest of the pirate Gold Lion Shiki, the Amigo Pirates try to catch the beetle.

Unaware of his real intentions and trying to protect the city, Luffy’s crew fights against their opponents. They are led by Largo, a pirate who has a Devil Fruit that gives him the power to create networks with materials he eats.

Episodes 457-458

Filler episodes
Episode 457: Special Retrospective on the way to Marineford! The Vow of Brotherhood! ❌
Episode 458: Special Retrospective on the Way to Marineford! The Three Admirals Reunite! ❌

Luffy remembers several moments with Ace. His childhood, the meeting in Alabasta, the confrontation with Blackbeard, and the moment he received the news of Ace’s execution. At Marineford, Ace also recalls his confrontation with Blackbeard while awaiting his execution.

The next episode begins 3 hours before the execution. Awaiting Whitebeard’s attack, the five warlords and three admirals present take their positions, while we see flashbacks of them. The moment of execution approaches.

Episodes 575-578

Z’s Ambition Arc / Filler Arc
Episode 575: Z’s Ambition – Lily, the little giant!! ❌
Episode 576: Z’s Ambition – The Strongest and Mysterious Army Appears! ❌
Episode 577: Z’s Ambition – A great desperate escape strategy! ❌
Episode 578: Z’s Ambition – Luffy VS Shuzo! ❌

In the first episode of this filler arc, the Straw Hats need to investigate the mysterious disappearance of their supplies. In the second chapter, Robin creates a plan and separates the crew into groups to rescue Lily’s father, Panz Fry. The rescue attempt ends up leading to a confrontation between the Straw Hats, Momonga, and the dangerous Shuzo.

Without any qualms, Shuzo orders his men to shoot themselves at the cannons like bullets. The arc ends by showing Ain and Z talking in another location and beginning their attack on the first island in the New World, a plot that is continued in One Piece Film: Z.

Episodes 626-628

Recovering Caesar Arc / Filler Arc
Episode 626: Caesar Disappears! The Pirate Alliance attack! ❌
Episode 627: Luffy Dies at Sea?! The Pirate Alliance Collapses! ❌
Episode 628: Big Turn! The Wrath of Luffy’s Iron Fist! ❌

The Straw Hats are attacked by a group of creatures led by the pirate Breed. A boxer octopus, a black belt penguin, a sumo capybara, and a Kung-Fu Dugong who can use Haki make up the group. With Chopper’s translation, Luffy and the others discover that Breed uses the power of the Pet-Pet fruit to control everyone by creating species of collars.

After even managing to put collars on Luffy and Law and make them fight against each other, he reveals that his ultimate goal is to transform human beings into animals with the use of artificial Devil Fruits. The Straw Hats need to find a way to escape Breed’s rule.

Episodes 747-750

Silver Mine Arc / Filler Arc
Episode 747: The Silver Fortress. Luffy and Barto’s Big Adventure ❌
Episode 748: The Underground Labyrinth. Luffy vs. The Streetcar Man ❌
Episode 749: The Sword Technique Boils. Law and Zoro Finally Appear! ❌
Episode 750: Desperate Situation. Luffy’s Hot Battle ❌

While the Straw Hats and the Barto Club were sailing, Luffy and Bartholomew were captured and taken to the island of Silver Mine. There they discover that the pirate Bill leads the Silver Pirate Alliance, but in reality, he enslaves his crew in the underground mines. The group needs to come together to find a way out of the mine, fight Bill and his allies, and free the prisoners.

Episodes 780-782

Supernova Navy Arc / Filler arc
Episode 780: The Hungry Battlefront. Luffy and the Navy Supernovas! ❌
Episode 781: The Persistent Trio. The Great Straw Hat Hunt! ❌
Episode 782: The Demon’s Fist. The Final Fight! Luffy vs Grant! ❌

On their way to Whole Cake Island to rescue Sanji, the Straw Hats run out of food. They decide to stop at Fron Island in search of supplies, but come across a Navy base led by the famous and feared Captain Grount.

Still, Luffy, Nami, Chopper, and Carrot try to infiltrate the base, wearing Marine uniforms, to eat in the cafeteria. Soon the group is recognized and a battle begins between the pirates and Navy officers. To everyone’s surprise, Grount even reveals that he has trained his entire life to face Luffy.

Episode 881

Filler episode
Taking Action! The Ruthless New Fleet Admiral, Sakazuki! ❌

This episode begins by showing us Sakazuki in New Marineford. Upon discovering that Fujitora has gone to Mariejois, he orders Ryokugyu to send him away. Meanwhile, we see Sengoku recalling the incidents in Impel Down and Marineford, which took place two years ago.

Episodes 895-896

King of Carbonic Acid Arc / Filler Arc
Episode 895: Special! Cidre, the Strongest Bounty Hunter ❌
Episode 896: Special! Luffy vs. King of Carbonation ❌

After managing to get rid of the attack by the Cidre Guild bounty hunter group, the Straw Hats find themselves without glue fuel for the Thousand Sunny. They stop on a nearby island in search of glue and are trapped, sending them directly to a factory led by the Cidre Guild.

In the battle that follows, Luffy discovers that the soldiers of the Cidre Guild are men who had their families taken hostage so that they were forced to fight. Luffy needs to find a way to defeat the opposing group and free the slaves. And he needs to find fuel.

Episodes 101-102

Filler Episodes
Episode 101: The Battle in the Heat Fog! ❌
Episode 102: Ancient ruins and lost souls! ✔

In his search for Blackbeard, Ace battles a bounty hunter who claims to have defeated the feared pirate. After discovering that everything was a false trail, Ace separates from the Straw Hats, but leaves a mysterious paper with Luffy, so that they can meet again.

The following episode features Luffy, Chopper, and Zoro finding fantastic underground ruins, after getting lost on the path they were following. But what do these ruins hold or where can they take them?

Episodes 131-135

Post-Alabasta Arc / Filler Arc
Episode 131: First Patient! The Secret of the Rumble Ball ✔
Episode 132: The Navigator’s Rebellion! For an Unshakable Dream ❌
Episode 133: Inherited Recipe! Sanji, Curry’s “expert” ❌
Episode 134: I’ll Make It Flourish! Manly Usopp’s 8-Shaku Ball ❌
Episode 135: The Infamous Pirate Hunter! The Wandering Swordsman, Zoro ✔

Luffy’s crew arrives on a desert island. During their time there, they manage to collect fruit, Chopper, and Robin end up having a new rapport, Nami gets the paper she needs to draw her dream world map, and Sanji helps a Navy trainee cook to improve his dishes. The Straw Hats escape the scene before the Navy can find them through the fog that envelops the island.

On the next island, the pirates come across preparations for a traditional local fireworks show. Looking for an opportunity to buy gunpowder, Usopp ends up helping with the fireworks show and making someone else’s dream come true. The last episode of this filler arc features a flashback to Zoro’s travels before he met Luffy when he gained followers through his skills and principles.

Episodes 1029-1030

Uta’s Past Arc / Filler Arc
Episode 1029: A Faint Memory! Luffy and Redhead’s daughter, Uta! ✔
Episode 1030: A promise for the next Genesis! Luffy and Uta! ❓ (Not yet released)
SP-4: The Captain’s Legend Diary! Redhead Shanks! ❌

In celebration of the release of the film, One Piece Film: Red, episode 1029 takes us back in time, in memory of Uta. We see Luffy as a child, and we see the moment he meets Shanks and his daughter Uta for the first time.

Episode 1030 continues following the adventures of young Luffy and Uta across the seas and mountains. With their new friendship growing stronger, the two vow to make their dreams come true one day and stay together. Unfortunately, there is something in the way that can get in the way. The fourth special in this arc features several characters reminiscing about when they first met Shanks.

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