The Mesh Wifi Tenda AX3000 provides you with optimal Wi-Fi coverage

Mesh Wifi Tenda AX3000 is a good mechanism in order to obtain Internet free of interruption problems and covering almost all parts of the house. In our previous article entitled  Technical Explanations: What is Mesh WiFi and its Uses,  we explained how this technology is distinguished and how it can become the ultimate solution to Internet problems inside your home. All you need is a good Mesh Wifi device to do that. Tenda  is one of the leading devices in this field, the  Tenda AX3000 is one of them and provides you with what you need.

 About Tenda AX3000 Mesh

  • Covering blind spots in the internal network
  • Support up to 60 devices connected at the same time
  • Simple shape, suitable for various positions
  • Beamforming technology to balance all frequencies
  • Connection speed up to 867Mbps
  • Price starting from: $46

The  Tenda AX3000  is a home mesh Wi-Fi system from  Tanda that provides great coverage throughout the home. The device operates on the dual-band Wi-Fi version 6 system in order to provide high connection speeds to users. The device has a powerful internal memory that allows it to provide high performance and great connection quality. In addition to an advanced configuration system to control your network. 

 The Tenda AX3000 comes  with a modern and unique design that can be placed anywhere in the house. It comes with up to 3 units of hardware to extend the range of your Wi-Fi network. Also, The device provides high flexibility in communication, as it supports the ability to connect about 60 devices with high efficiency without the slightest difficulties.

The device has a 5G Wi-Fi transfer rate of up to 867Mbps, with a wireless transfer rate of up to 1Gbps. Also, The device supports network frequencies between the 2.4G and 5G bands to obtain the most appropriate frequency for your home devices. 

The Tenda AX3000 device contains three Lan ports (RJ45), including an external WAN cable port to connect the external network with your local network. 

Some of the most notable features of the Tenda AX3000 Mesh

 The Tenda AX3000 device provides   many unique features and characteristics that make its presence in the home essential for those looking for problem-free communication devices that cover the blind spots in your home, including:

  • The device is characterized by strong performance and high efficiency, as it provides great connection speed to all connected devices without problems and very smoothly.
  •  Tenda AX3000 provides  great connectivity flexibility as it supports the connection of dozens of devices at the same time.
  • The device features a modern and elegant design, which makes it suitable for all places.
  • The device contains Beamforming technology, which allows network frequencies to be distributed in various directions, providing robust speed and smooth performance.
  • The device provides parental control in order to provide a safe connection for children. Providing a private, isolated network for guests.
  • The Tenda AX3000 device features a high encryption system, which ensures the security of information and devices connected to the device and protects it from hacking across networks.
  • With the Tenda Wi-Fi application, you can set up the device in seconds and access many features that help manage the Internet connection at home just through your smartphone.

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Why you might want to get the Tenda AX3000 Mesh

Buying a  Tenda AX3000 device  may save you from several problems, as we find that the device solves many home Wi-Fi problems, such as weak networks in many areas, in addition to the uneven distribution of the network among various devices, and the inability to support a large number of devices. The device also contributes to providing high security for users through modern and advanced security technologies. These are some of the positives that the device provides when present at home, which we believe are a requirement for every person who aspires to obtain a high-level internal network connection.

Tenda AX3000 Mesh price

 The price of the Tenda AX3000 device was  originally about $95, but now it can be obtained for cheaper prices through the link that we will provide to you, as you get a 46% discount at a price between $51 and $46 (the offer varies according to the region) through the following link .

Also, It should be noted that the final price for ordering the device may vary depending on the circumstances of purchase, personal preferences, and additional features that can be ordered with the device.

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