Which music streaming to choose?

Gone are the days when choosing a good music streaming service was a simple task. After all, with so many options in the entertainment market, defining the best is now a big challenge.

But, we can help you with this mission. Firstly, we can show you what, and why, the best music apps are. And of course, we also have a solution that can resolve the issue once and for all.

To know everything about the subject, just stay here with us!


The most frequent choice for streaming music is Spotify. By the way, it is an excellent choice when analyzing the cost-benefit ratio and the platform’s features.

Spotify was launched in 2008, meaning it is one of the oldest music streaming services. Maybe that’s why the app has had enough time to become a favorite among music lovers. To achieve this, the platform has brought together a library with more than 70 million music tracks, in addition to 2.2 million podcasts.

With more than 365 million users worldwide, Spotify gives reasons why. After all, it features a super intuitive interface, in addition to diverse content and a suggestion mechanism that does everything for the undecided. Finally, the update frequency is also a super positive factor of the application.


Deezer is also a very democratic application, like Spotify. After all, it can be downloaded on both devices with Android and IOS operating systems. Furthermore, it is a music streaming whose interface is also very operational, in addition to the super extensive catalog that allows for a good experience.

From this application, you can also access a multitude of podcasts, including many original ones. And, when it comes to quality, there is a big difference here. Because your streams have CD quality.

As for the music offering system, the mechanism is also quite attractive. This is because users can customize the lists according to their preferences. But, they can also receive suggestions based on their listening habits.


Although it is younger than most other apps in the same category, Tidal has already gained a huge space in the music market. It is an application that brings some additional quality points and also presents a touch of exclusivity with the presentation of only original podcasts from the platform.

As a music streaming player, Tidal still has some differences compared to its competitors. In this application, you can access, for example, video content, which is uncommon on other platforms.

When it comes to charging subscriptions, there is another important point. In addition to the basic plan, which costs R$27.90, it is also possible to purchase a plan with even more benefits. Although it costs twice the price, the policy is interesting. It allocates 10% of the value of subscriptions to the artists most listened to by users.

Amazon Music

Amazon is not far behind and also has its music streaming. One of its main differentiators is the subscription price, which is super affordable. And, before paying the amount, you can test the platform for free for 30 days and can cancel at any time.

This is also one of those apps that offer great sound quality. Furthermore, there is a huge catalog capable of meeting all types of musical preferences and a super functional interface for navigation.

A recent action by the platform elevated its concept even further. Amazon has provided Unlimited subscribers with a free upgrade to access high-quality music. Previously, this access was limited to a specific group of subscribers but was expanded to other subscribers.

Apple Music

Apple-loving users also have music streaming to call their own. However, it is not an exclusive platform, and can also be downloaded by Android users.

More than status, this is an application that stands out for its quality and content. In addition to more than 75 million audio tracks, the platform also produces exclusive live content, which is broadcast throughout the day.

Although it is the last item on our list, Apple Music is the second most used music streaming service in the world, second only to Spotify.

Which music streaming to choose?

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