Is Spotify Premium worth it?

Spotify Premium’s main advantage is the possibility of listening to music without ads. Check out other benefits, and values ​​and compare with the free app option.

Spotify is one of the most used music streaming options in the world and can be used for free by anyone who wants, just create an account. In addition to this option, the platform also offers some paid plans that allow for a complete experience. Spotify Premium allows you to listen to music without ads, better sound quality, and download songs or podcast episodes, among other features.

These differences transform the Spotify experience and the usability of the tool and, therefore, it is interesting for the user to compare both versions to understand which one makes the most sense for them before opting for one. TechTudo prepared a guide on Spotify Premium to help readers decide between a paid or free plan. Check it out below:

What does free Spotify offer?

The main difference between paid and free Spotify is ads. With certain frequency, there is some type of advertisement between one track and another, which can bother those who listen to music streaming and/or podcasts frequently.

Overall, the features of this version, although limited, are satisfactory and allow you to use the application without many problems. The user has full access to the music library, Discovery tools, access to Spotify Wrapped (annual retrospective carried out by streaming), and viewing of song lyrics. In addition, there is also access to some social features, such as viewing friends’ activities and creating collaborative playlists.

Song control is limited: the tool offers a pre-selected mix and there is no way to choose which track will be played next. However, you can decide which songs you don’t like in the playlist. Even on the free plan, the personalized lists generated by Spotify have songs similar to the user’s tastes, which is a big difference for those who love listening to less popular music.

What does Spotify Premium offer?

The big difference with Spotify Premium is the experience of using the ad-free tool. The subscription also provides some features that improve the use of the platform and even the quality of the music session. For example, while the sound quality reaches 160kbit/s on the free plan, on Spotify Premium it can reach 320kbit/s. Furthermore, the tool offers the user greater control over their playlists and songs: it is possible to choose to listen in random order or not, select the next song to play, download for offline listening, customize the recommended songs in a playlist, and listen in time real with another Spotify user.

With the paid version, it is possible to skip the song unlimitedly, while in the free version, the user has only six skips per hour on mobile, except for playlists generated by the tool. Furthermore, it is also possible to have immediate access to new releases, while in the free version, there may be a waiting time. In general, the Premium version offers more flexibility and freedom when using the platform, giving the user complete control of the music library.

How much does Spotify Premium cost?

There are four plans available for Spotify subscription: Individual, University, Duo, and Family.

Currently, the Individual plan costs R$21.90/month and allows you to transform an account into a Premium. The University plan, the cheapest among the options, costs R$11.90 per month, an offer for students at approved higher education institutions. To hire this format, you must prove that you are a student.

The other two plans are aimed at more than one person. Duo allows you to create two accounts and costs R$27.90 per month, R$13.95 for each. The Family plan is R$34.90 per month and has additional features. In addition to allowing six Premium accounts, it is possible to control explicit content and feature access to Spotify Kids. Payment can be made by credit or debit card.

All subscriptions, except the University plan, allow you to choose between a subscription with automatic renewal or between one, three, six, and 12 months for a single payment. The plan can be canceled at any time without additional charge.

What to consider when choosing between Spotify free and Spotify Premium?

1. Is listening to music part of your routine?

Think about how much time you spend listening to music during the day or week. If this is an activity that you perform frequently, it may make sense for your routine to purchase a paid music streaming plan, especially if excessive ads hurt your experience. But, if you use the tool just to have ambient sound while you perform other tasks, you don’t mind listening to specific songs or interruptions, the free plan already offers the necessary resources for this.

2. Spotify Usage Frequency

There are several music streaming platforms today, but many people still like to consume specific radio stations as part of their music listening habits, making Spotify an application of little or no use. In this case, purchasing a plan subscription may not be of much use. Before choosing this path, test free Spotify for a while and see if it makes more sense for you than the music platforms you currently use.

3. Do you already have any paid music streaming services?

If you already use music streaming, such as Deezer or Apple Music, it is worth considering the benefits that Spotify offers that these platforms do not have. Question whether these features are important to you or whether they have little or no impact on your music-listening experience. Also, consider whether it is worth spending a monthly amount on another music app or whether there is a better way to use this money.

4. Is there another service that is better cost-benefit?

Although Spotify is one of the most popular music apps, other streaming services offer different benefits and features. Currently, Apple Music has individual and university plans for the same price as Spotify, with the difference of a free trial of the platform for one month. Deezer is a little more expensive but has partnerships with operators, such as TIM. The Premium package can be purchased for R$24.90 per month (students pay half this amount), and there is also the possibility of a free trial for one month. Despite this, the platform.

Research other streams, the music catalog, and the features offered by each of them. There may be another one that presents a more interesting tool, a better value per plan, or even better discounts and promotions.

5. Consider the features Spotify doesn’t have

Spotify releases updates frequently, but some users may miss some features. Some want a night and day mode tool, the option to put all the user’s playlists on shuffle, and the possibility of commenting, among other functions. Although the tools don’t impact the way you listen to music, it’s worth considering how important they are to you and whether Spotify can offer something similar.

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