5 Amazon Prime Video Tricks You Should Be Using

Streaming service offers functions that can contribute to improving subscriber experience; discover five Prime Video tricks and learn how to use them.

Amazon Prime Video has very useful features for subscribers. When watching a film or series, for example, it is possible to view the production’s technical details with the “X-Ray”. This way, the user has access to the names of the actors in the cast, the soundtrack that is playing, and even some interesting facts about the production. Another possibility is to find content suggested by Amazon’s curation. The platform analyzes the titles watched and offers similar productions, which may please the user. In the following list, check out five tricks to use on Prime Video and how to activate them on your account.

1. Customize subtitles

Prime Video allows you to customize subtitles for films and series. This option is very useful for users with reading or vision difficulties, or who simply want to customize the subtitles according to their preferences. To use it during certain content, simply go to the speech bubble icon and select the languages ​​for the audio and subtitles. By going to “subtitle settings”, you can change the font, size, and color, according to the options offered.

If you want to further customize the subtitles, the user can go to the “My Account” page, click on “Video Settings” and then go to the subtitles tab. In this section, you can edit the platform’s presets, such as font, color, size, border effect, and opacity. A panel shows the settings in real-time. When the user has completed their changes, simply click “Save”.

2. See more information about the content you are watching

Another feature of Amazon Prime Video is X-Ray, which offers more information about the content displayed. With this function, it is possible to discover the names of the actors who are part of the cast, what music is playing, and even some behind-the-scenes curiosity about that production.

To see the X-Ray, simply pause the video and check the information on the left side of the screen. By clicking on “See all”, it is possible to view a more complete panel, which shows the appearance of the actors in certain scenes or the names of all the actors that make up the cast. It’s worth noting that the X-Ray data comes from IMDb, which Amazon acquired in 1998.

3. Watch more content with channels

For those who like to discover new content, an interesting tip is to access Amazon Prime Video channels. The platform offers options such as Paramount+, Discovery+, Starz Play, Looke, MGM, Love Nature, Reserva Imovision, and much more. With the channels, it is possible to have access to an even more complete catalog, with titles that are not included in the common subscription.

It is worth mentioning that the channels vary according to the region, and that each of them charges an extra monthly fee. Some even offer free trials. To check out this feature, just go to the “Channels” option, located in the top menu of Amazon Prime Video.

4. Restrict content with parental controls

The option to restrict content is especially useful for those who have children or live with children. With the feature, the user can control what the little ones watch, preventing them from accessing content that is inappropriate for their age. To do this, you need to go to the “My Area” page of your Amazon account, and click on “Settings” and “Parental controls”. Before customizing settings, the customer must create a four-digit PIN, which will be used to bypass control when necessary.

After that, two types of control will be available. One of them is for purchase restrictions, designed to prevent accidental charges. Therefore, the user will need to enter the PIN before purchasing products on the platform. The other is viewing restriction, which will ask for a four-digit code to watch videos whose rating is higher than what is allowed on the account. It is possible to choose from which age group it will no longer be necessary to use the PIN, in addition to selecting which devices the parental control settings will be applied to.

5. Watch series and films curated by Amazon

Another feature made available by Prime is Amazon curation. This is a way for the platform to make title suggestions based on content already consumed by the subscriber. It is worth noting that the recommendations are not always the best, as the service can suggest all the films in a franchise that you usually watch, for example.

To access the curation, simply scroll down the catalog until you find the option “Series (or Films) we think you’ll like”. If you want to find more recommendations, you can check the “Best Films” and “Best Series” lists, also available on the catalog’s home screen, and which contain the platform’s most prominent content.

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